Richard Easton

Richard, Wareable Media Group's affiliate director, has a long and varied career in technology publishing. He started his journalism career as a staff writer for Computer Shopper magazine and Expert Reviews – covering everything from smartphones to computing to AV and smart home.

After that, he became the wearables and fitness editor for Trusted Reviews, letting him combine his love of both fitness and tech gadgets. It also finally gave him a way to get paid to be in the gym that didn’t require an expensive PT course. He later became the commercial content editor at Trusted, helping readers to find the best deals and savings on tech.

He still reviews tech to this day, with a particularly keen interest in where wearables are going around strength performance and conditioning. When he’s not got a wearable on every limb you’ll find him in a powerlifting gym lifting heavy things up. Richard is the self-proclaimed ‘henchest journo in tech’ and challenges anyone who thinks otherwise to a deadlift contest.