Week in smart home: Amazon set for deals bonanza

All the big stories from the week in smart home

Amazon set for deals bonanza

Welcome to the Week in smart home – our round-up of some of the smaller rumblings and happenings in this most vibrant of tech markets. This week we have significant changes at Apple, some funny new things to ask Google Assistant, and insights into the big smart home sale going on at Amazon next week.

Week in smart home: Amazon set for deals bonanza

Apple poaches Google AI boss

Apple looks to be intent on adding to its Siri team, and has poached Google's former head of AI, John Giannandrea. Apple’s site now lists John Giannandrea as "Apple's chief of machine learning and AI strategy”, which covers Siri and Apple's Core ML machine-learning tech.

Siri has certainly lagged its main rivals Alexa and Google Assistant, despite its head start and a voice assistant and ubiquity amongst iPhone, iPad and Mac. However, the HomePod and Apple TV are becoming increasingly reliant on a strong Siri – and Apple is certainly being aggressive in bolstering its teams. Check out our who’s who of Apple’s AI project.

Week in smart home: Amazon set for deals bonanza

Kodak security system hits the UK

Kodak has launched its new Kodak Smart Security system. Its smart home security camera comprises of full 1080p indoor and outdoor versions, both of which feature motion sensors and two-way audio. While Kodak is moving into a crowded market, it does have some advantages. The Kodak Smart Security records to SD card and will upload to Google Cloud, so there’s no subscription fees.

“KODAK is renowned for quality products that deliver great visual results. Our cameras and sensors are among a suite of smart home systems that we’ll be bringing to market via our retail and online partners throughout 2018 and into early 2019,” said David Haddad, CEO of Kodak Smart Security Systems.

Week in smart home: Amazon set for deals bonanza

Google Assistant nets Wimbledon Easter eggs

Ahead of the Wimbledon final this weekend, Google has launched a host of Assistant Easter eggs for fans of SW18.

Try these for size, and don’t forget to check out our list of the best and funniest Google Assistant Easter eggs and how to watch Wimbledon in 4K.

Hey Google, do you know any Wimbledon facts?

Hey Google, can you play tennis? Are you good at tennis?

Hey Google, what are you doing during Wimbledon?

Hey Google, do you know any tennis player rituals?

Hey Google, who is your favourite tennis player?

Hey Google, do you like tennis?

Week in smart home: Amazon set for deals bonanza

Amazon preps huge smart home sale

Did you hear that it’s Amazon Prime Day next week? Yes, starting on Monday 16 July and running for 36 hours, Amazon is operating a Black Friday-style sale – of which smart home and Alexa devices are set to play a huge part.

Amazon Echo smart speakers are already among the most searched deals leading up to the big day – and it’s set to be a great time to add to your burgeoning smart home. Make sure you bookmark our Amazon Prime Day deals page (some other retailers are getting involved and we’ll naturally be listing those too). If you can’t wait – check out the deals listed below.

- Amazon Echo Show - $129.99 (down from $299.99, save $100) | Amazon

- Amazon Echo Dot - $34.99 (down from $49.99, save $15) | Amazon

- Amazon Echo Spot - Get a pair of Echo Spots for $219.98 (save $40) | Amazon

- Google Home - $99 (down from $129; buy two and save $100) | Google

- Google Home Max - $648 for a pair (save $150) | Google

- Google Home Mini - $34 (down from $49, save $15) | Google

- Blink XT 1 Camera System - $75 on Prime Day (down from $129.99, save $55) | Amazon

- Blink XT 2 Camera System - $139.99 on Prime Day (normally $229.99, save $90) | Amazon

- Amazon Cloud Cam - $59 on Prime Day (down from $119.99, save $60) | Amazon

- Google Chromecast Ultra - $54 (down from $69, save $15) - Google

- Google Chromecast - $25 (down from $35, save $10) - Google

- Google Chromecast Audio - $25 (down from $35, save $10) - Google

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