20 essential smart home feeds to follow

Instagrams, subreddits, podcasts and more to add to your social stream

20 essential smart home feeds to follow
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We launched The Ambient to fill a gap - because no-one was taking smart home tech that fits into people's homes seriously. But even though no-one is doing quite what we're trying to do, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of good social feeds on the internet for the discerning smart home fan.

So we've compiled an initial list of our favourites whether it's storehouses for future gazing ideas or just some pretty pics of tech in its element.

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If you think we've missed something or someone, go ahead and add to the list in the comments below. Follow, subscribe, share, marvel.

The Ambient

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What better place to start than our very own baby social feeds - follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest smart home stories and Instagram for smart home pics and vids inside our homes and when we're out and about.


Twitter | Instagram | Medium

Space10 is Ikea's external innovation lab and its feeds are full of out there ideas on the future of living - from natural interfaces to AR to co-living designs for 2030.


Instagram | Print

Design bible Wallpaper does sometimes lean too heavily in favour of analogue rather than 2018 smarts, in our humble opinion, but it's a must follow for interior and product design and architecture news. Plus you'll find plenty of inspiration in the form of projects, installations, big interviews and exhibitions.

20 essential smart home feeds to follow


Instagram | Blog

The rise of the connected Airbnb will be a big trend over the next few years - for now, the ubiquitous home rental service serves up tips, tricks and pics from properties and their owners.

Home Automation


There's a couple of solid smart home subreddits including the obvious r/smarthomebut one of the liveliest, with over 130,000 subscribers is r/homeautomation. Here you can pose questions - as specific as "are there any robot vacuums that do fine with long hair?", find out about new tips and hacks and share your smart home fails.



James Stables, The Ambient's official pet correspondent, takes his duties very seriously which is why we've already brought you the Nesties and our picks of the funniest security camera moments. Want some more? Camera maker Canary runs an Instagram, and hashtag, dedicated to great smart camera videos.

20 essential smart home feeds to follow

Swoon Editions


Most indie furniture companies still shy away from photo shoots that include any technology whatsoever. Swoon Editions, whose tables, sideboards and armchairs we love, do tend to throw in a bit more tech - albeit retro cameras, lamps and radios. See also Made.com's various stylish feeds.

Predicting Our Future


There's not too many podcasts that cover the smart home in detail yet - though most of the big tech podcasts touch on it from time to time. Tech entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich's podcast series digs into topics like smart lighting and shopping - his latest episode covers AI in the home that knows us and can take care of us.

Living Tiny Project


This feed does what it says on the tin, really. Get style, storage and structure inspiration for living in small spaces and downsizing. Check out the hashtag #livingtinyproject for more.

20 essential smart home feeds to follow


Twitter | Instagram | Blog | Pinterest

Another design fiend feed for interiors, architecture, fashion and more, Dezeen's coverage of the smart home is less about practical tech advice, more about stories on new ideas, materials and concepts. They also have some very well tended Pinterest boards.



A couple of designers working in the smart home have nice Instagram feeds - Philippe Starck for one - he is the man behind Netatmo's quirky smart thermostat and radiator valves as well as Alessi homewares. See also Yves Béhar's Insta (of Hive/Samsung The Frame/Snoo fame).

20 essential smart home feeds to follow



Smart home companies have cottoned on to the fact that Instagram is a neat source of style photos of devices in people's (blogger's) real homes. A nice place to start is the Philips Hue account which re-shares photos tagged with #myhue.

Sonos does something similar with Instagram pics tagged #Sonos and #SonosHome as does smart modular lighting company Nanoleaf with the hashtag #mynanoleaf.



Give the gents at Brogue a follow for a curated collection of clean-cut press images of high-end Hi-Fi, slick kitchen gadgets, luxury cars and mechanical watches. You won't be able to afford anything but that's not really the point.

20 essential smart home feeds to follow


Instagram | Pinterest

Ikea is making serious smart home moves - in smart lighting, Teenage Engineering turntables and an upcoming audio partnership with Sonos - so expect to see more connected tech on all its channels.


Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

If you're concerned about the eco impact of your home or you're into cool, planet-saving concepts and experiments, Inhabitat, whose tagline is 'Design will save the world' is a good go-to. Head here for stories about electric cars, LED lighting and treehouses, that sort of thing.

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