How to make sure your TV and soundbar don't spoil your living room style

Tips to prettify what are typically big, bulky bits of tech

How to style TVs and soundbars
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The big ol' smart TV, and its various accessories - streaming boxes, soundbars etc - is without a doubt the biggest challenge for smart home lovers who want to avoid cramping their own style. So we're always on the lookout for style tips and tricks for the teched-out living room.

Interiors stylist and author of Botanical Style, Selina Lake, just did a project with Sony where she styled its HT-ZF9 soundbar in a few different set ups and came up with a few pieces of advice for when you find yourself staring at a big, black screen and speaker scenario.

Obviously Lake namechecks the HT-ZF9 specifically but the tricks can apply to any TV and soundbar setup. Here's a few of our fave inspirational images and expert tips.

How to make sure your TV and soundbar don't spoil your living room style

Plants are your friend

"Introduce houseplants and single cut stems, such as fern leaves, next to your Sony ZF9 soundbar to soften the look, making sure not to obstruct the viewing.

"Put houseplants and foliage in a mix of containers to fit the eclectic tech-friendly style, such as galvanised metal, glass bottle vases, concrete planters and basket holders.

"Mix textures throughout to complement and juxtapose the sleek feel of your home cinema hardware. Use rattan and woven straw baskets as plant holders or to store extra throws and organic elements like coasters made from bamboo."

How to make sure your TV and soundbar don't spoil your living room style

Pick your sideboard/console/unit well

"When it comes to displaying the TV and Sony ZF9 soundbar itself, pick a solid and well-made unit. Ensure it’s big enough for your system and to dress the space around it, thus blending with your stylish room.

"Your TV and soundbar display could even be a sideboard, bench or low table. Retro walnut sideboards with hair pin legs are perfect for this retro/modern mix look.

"Coffee tables and side tables are also essential to place drinks and film snacks. Continue the theme with natural wood tables again look out for retro mid-century pieces or something modern and simple."

How to make sure your TV and soundbar don't spoil your living room style

Stick with the mix-and-match theme

"Rooms look more interesting if armchairs don’t match the sofa. Stick to Scandinavian Mid-Century retro style armchairs for a design statement, made from leather, bamboo or wood to complement your multi-textured room. Ensuring armchairs are easy to move means you can re-set your space for different size groups and styles of entertaining.

"For ultimate viewing pleasure you need comfort not just style when it comes to seating. Cover sofas in soft natural linen and add extra cushions and throws for cosy nights.

"Layer mix-and-match styles of rugs on wooden floors and oversized cushions if you have more friends than seats, creating a cosy, welcoming feel."

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