​This year’s Nesties are laughably mundane

Nest owners are pretty boring

​This year’s Nesties are laughably mundane
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This year’s Nesties winners have been unveiled – an annual selection of the best, funniest and most outrageous antics caught on Nest security cams. The competition is in its third year now, and last year's Nesties included a bear, a lion, and a runaway postal truck smashing someone's house to pieces.

Thankfully there’s no ceremony or shortlist because it seems that people with interesting lives now own other brands of home cameras. This year's selection of Nesties winners are mundane to say the least. But in the spirit of these fine and prestigious awards, check them out below. It’s all fun, right?

Air-guitar idiot stumbles slightly

We were expecting at least minor injury in this one, but alas, we were short changed.

Firework goes off

It might not be a firework, it could be some kind of electrical failure. This was generously given “best nature documentary”, despite its only link to mother nature being that it happened outdoors.

Two people slip over

Imagine slipping in the ice and then your companion also slipping in the ice. How we'd laugh. Give these guys an award – no speeches please.

Person in dinosaur suit walks through door

We were expecting the dinosaur suit to not fit through the door, but alas, it did. Should have got the award for the most underwhelming 12 seconds of footage ever created.

Man with good reflexes saves baby

Really, these shelves should have been secured to the wall, but good save sir.

Man plays with fire and gets burned

Moderate peril here in the Nesties, as a man playing with some kind of firework gets burned and runs out of shot where he may have died… but probably didn’t.

Dog gets stuck in table and loses it

Good animal japes here, as this dog tips over the table and barks. The owners sure won’t be happy when they see the absolute carnage on their return.

Hoverboarder crashes in empty diner

0:05 seconds: This man is definitely going to crash into the tables.

0:12 seconds: Crashes into tables.

0:16 seconds: Curses stupidity, wishes his health insurance hadn't expired.

Two men watching football celebrate

Two men watching the Liverpool game show a normal amount of emotion after Mohammed Salah nets a 90th minute equaliser against Tottenham. Any less emotion shown and we'd have called their cable provider and had their subscriptions cut off.

Insane suburban car crash

We expected the Nesties to be much more like this – a speeding car totals itself in someone’s garden. The Nesties are great, all is forgiven.

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