Why Roborock should be top of your Amazon Prime Day wishlist

Industry leading tech and fantastic discounts inbound

Roborock: top of your Prime Day wishlist
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With only a few days to go before the big Amazon Prime Day sales begin, it's a good time to start putting together your shopping wishlist.

And, if you ask us, Roborock should be right at the top of that list.

In the past couple of years, robot vacuum cleaners have become an integral element of the smart home, helping manual cleaning become a thing of the past by delivering a hassle-free, automated experience.

The key name driving the space forward in this time has been Roborock, which offers next-level cleaning and giving you complete peace of mind over the process.

Roborock offers the smartest and most diverse range of robotic vacuums on the market, complete with features that set it apart from rivals and allow it to easily navigate around the home.

And the good news is that some of the latest and greatest Roborock cleaners will see their prices reduced for the Prime Day period.

Roborock Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

You don't have to wait until 21 June to grab a discounted Roborock - we've been told that you can expect these amazing savings on the following models from 14 June onwards:

Why Roborock should be top of your Amazon Prime Day wishlist

What sets Roborock apart from its rivals

Before you decide what Roborock model is the correct one for you, it pays to understand exactly what technology and features is on offer from the brand.

The advanced features you receive through the latest Roborock models and the Roborock app take things beyond the standard clean scheduling and multiple power modes, giving you an array of smart features to tackle the dirt and dust in your home.


When robot vacuums first arrived on the scene, mapping was unreliable and incomplete, meaning that certain areas often went uncleaned and obstacles were routinely bumped into.

Thanks to Roborock’s adaptive route algorithm, though, the robot vacuum is able to map out the edge of a room and then instantly calculate the best path to clean it based on the size and shape. Over time, it will then adapt and begin to account for the objects within a room.

It also means your wide living room will be cleaned horizontally, while longer corridors are tackled with lengthways paths, leading to less repetition and faster cleans.

When combined laser distance sensor (LDS), as well as the cliff, bumper and wall sensors, there are no unplanned trips down the stairs or persistent knocks into furniture legs and skirting boards, either.

Why Roborock is fast becoming the top name for robot vacuum cleaners

The Roborock app

Within the app, there are even more ways to receive the most efficient clean possible for your home. Rooms are automatically mapped out once your Roborock has completed a clean of an area and saved the map, and this is able to be customized so you can take advantage of individual Room or Zone cleaning.

If there’s an area of the home which you don’t want the vacuum to venture, No-Go Zones can be precisely pinched onto the existing map, too.

For those with multiple floor features, you can also map out different levels of your home and clean them without needing to begin a clean from the dock.

There’s still no way for robot vacuums to climb the stairs, unfortunately, but this is the next best thing; simply carry the Roborock to a starting point, let the device recognise which map it’s working on and wait for it to return to where it set off.

Why Roborock is fast becoming the top name for robot vacuum cleaners


Whatever model you opt for, you’re getting a seriously powerful clean. You can set the device to operate at four different intensities during a vacuum, with the side brush sweeping dirt through the spinning brush and into the dustbin.

Scheduled cleans are also perfect for keeping your home consistently looking spotless — even when you’re not present — with the required suction level able to be customized for specific rooms.

And, if you do happen to be around when something needs cleaning up, you can quickly and easily select a spot on the map and set the Roborock device on its way.

Why Roborock is fast becoming the top name for robot vacuum cleaners


Roborock’s devices are already ridding your home of dust and dirt, but the mopping function helps you really double down on the cleaning.

It’s also extremely easy to get setup; all you need to do is dampen the cloth and attach it to the bottom of the water tank, before then filling up the tank, sliding it onto the bottom of the vacuum and beginning in the Roborock app.

With the Roborock S7, mopping is taken to the next level. The device boasts one of the fastest sonic mop systems on the market, and the vibrating action on the mop itself is able to help scrub the toughest stains and grime from your surfaces.

So, whether it’s something that’s just been spilt on the floor or crumbs that have dried-on for days, a variety of high-intensity settings - ranging from 1,650 times/min to 3,000 times/min - are able to make short work of any mess and leave your floor gleaming.

Debuting on the Roborock S7 is the company’s VibraRise technology, which is designed to help the device automatically detect the surface it’s on and then, if a carpet is detected, lift the mop.

That means users are able to set the S7 around the house cleaning different types of surfaces without the worry of accidentally mopping carpets - all without interruption or the hassle of setting up a separate clean, too.

Stay tuned to The Ambient as, in the coming days, we'll be helping you to choose the exact Roborock for your needs.

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