Team up these Roborock devices for the ultimate sparkling clean house

Use Roborock's awesome robot and upright machines for a pristine home

Team up Roborocks for ultimate clean
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Keeping your home clean has never been more important. Not only are we spending more time than ever indoors - often not through choice - but we are all now much more aware about how important it is to keep our homes clean and germ free.

However, while we all want sparkly clean, hygienic, homes, let's face it - it's still a chore to keep your floors as clean and dust free as you'd want.

The good news is that it's also easier than ever to maintain a spotless abode thanks to the rise in high-tech home cleaning machines, such as robot vacuum cleaners and wire-free handheld cleaners.

Starting with the latter and, in the last few years, robot vacuum cleaners have become an integral element of the smart home, helping to make manual cleaning a thing of the past.

These next-gen cleaners, packed out with cutting edge technology, deliver a hassle-free, automated experience.

One of the leading brands driving this area forward is Roborock, which offers next-level cleaning and gives you complete peace of mind over the process.

Roborock offers the smartest and most diverse range of robotic vacuum and mopping machines on the market, complete with features that set it apart from its rivals.

Roborock isn't just about robo cleaners though; the brand has recently applied its vast experience in building powerful, effective robot vacuums and applied it to handheld vacuum cleaners as well.

Read on to find out how combining the power of Roborock's robot and handheld cleaners will help you create a powerful vacuum solution on your path to a spotless, dirt-free home.

Team up these Roborock devices for the ultimate sparkling clean house

The ultimate robot vacuum cleaner: The Roborock S7

Whatever model you choose from the ever-expanding Roborock robot cleaner line-up, you won't be disappointed; it's a brand that continues to impress.

However, if you want the ultimate Roborock robo cleaner then look no further than the S7. If you are new to the idea of robot vacuum cleaners then trust us when we say it doesn't get better than the S7.

The S7 added a range of impressive new features and delivers a performance that you won’t even find on other Roborock devices, let alone other brands.

As with any robot vacuum worth its salt, the Roborock S7 is built on its ability to deliver extreme suction power.

Thanks to the device’s 2500Pa of suction, you'll be left with less dirt clogging your carpets or resting on your hardwood floors - be it pet dander, dust or food crumbs.

This power is also complemented by a redesigned main brush, which Roborock has tweaked to help it sit deeper into surfaces and lift muck more consistently.

This design is also less prone to hair tangles, while the rubber bristles disrupt the carpet surface more efficiently.

It's not just vacuuming on offer with the S7 though.

Team up these Roborock devices for the ultimate sparkling clean house

Mopping has long been a core feature of Roborock’s devices, allowing users to double-down on their hardwood floors by giving them an automated wipedown.

The S7 boasts one of the fastest sonic mop systems on the market, and the vibrating action on the mop itself is able to help scrub the toughest stains and grime from your surfaces.

So, whether it’s something that’s just been spilt on the floor or crumbs that have dried-on for days, a variety of high-intensity settings - ranging from 1,650 times/min to 3,000 times/min - are able to make short work of any mess and leave your floor gleaming.

The sonic mopping is all well and good, but you also need a device that can decipher which surfaces actually need mopping, and which can be left to the vacuum.

Debuting on the Roborock S7 is the company’s VibraRise technology, which is designed to help the device automatically detect the surface it’s on and then, if a carpet is detected, lift the mop.

That means you are able to set the S7 around the house cleaning different types of surfaces without the worry of accidentally mopping carpets - all without interruption or the hassle of setting up a separate clean, too.

In order to maintain just-cleaned floors, the mop will also be automatically raised as the device journeys back to the dock.

Combined with the power of the vacuum’s Sonic Mopping system, the end result is both a comprehensive and clever clean that leaves all surfaces with exactly the right amount of mopping required.

Team up these Roborock devices for the ultimate sparkling clean house

You don't need to worry about the S7 bashing into your furniture as it does all this sucking and mopping.

Thanks to Roborock’s adaptive route algorithm the S7 is able to map out the edge of a room and then instantly calculate the best path to clean it based on the size and shape. Over time, it will then adapt and begin to account for the objects within a room.

It also means your wide living room will be cleaned horizontally, while longer corridors are tackled with lengthways paths, leading to less repetition and faster cleans.

When combined laser distance sensor (LDS), as well as the cliff, bumper and wall sensors, there are no unplanned trips down the stairs or persistent knocks into furniture legs and skirting boards, either.

Team up these Roborock devices for the ultimate sparkling clean house

The perfect handheld companion: The Roborock H6

While the S7 is the undisputed king of the robo cleaners there are places and spaces that it just cannot go.

Stairs are, of course, the ultimate enemy of any robot cleaner but undoubtedly you can think other areas of your home where a robot won't reach... think under small furniture, around the back of AV units; as well as high areas such as windowsills and ceilings.

That's where an awesome handheld comes in - and Roborock has the perfect fit with the amazing H6.

Thanks to the the first LiPo battery to be used in a cordless stick vacuum, the H6 is able to glide across your surfaces for a whopping 90 minutes of total runtime in its normal mode, with a boost to the power automatically applied when the device detects it's dealing with a carpeted area,

If you need an intense clean for a specific area - think down the back of the sofa or underneath the fridge - then there's a turbo mode that offers 10 minutes of intense sucking; creating up to 150AW of continuous suction power.

With six accessories — the multi-functional brush, baton, mini motorised brush, flex tube, dusting brush and crevice tool — all at your disposal, too, you’re able to tackle everything from upholstery and curtains to bedding and rugs.

In these times where air quality is so important, you'll be pleased to hear that the H6 features a 5-layer filtration system, with multiple cyclones plus a front and rear HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, meaning it cleans the air in your home as it cleans your surfaces.

Weighing just over 3lbs, the H6 is the perfect replacement for outdated, corded models that you would typically run all over the house.

Pair it with one of Roborock's robot vacuums, and you have an unstoppable cleaning force that’s ready to tidy your home the easy way.

Roborock S7 and H6 bundle deal for Labor Day

The good news is that Roborock is offering the S7 and H6 devices together in a special discounted Labor Day bundle.

Usually, to buy these two awesome machines, you'd be looking at a combined price of just under $1,150.

The Labor Day deal, which will run from 1 September to 6 September, will see the price slashed for the pair to an incredible $749... a 35% saving.

Bookmark this page now and check back to grab the bundle deal when it goes live.

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