Eight Insta-inspirations for a smart and stylish bathroom

Ding, ding, all aboard the porcelain bus

Eight ideas for your smart bathroom
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The bathroom was once thought of as the bogey room of the home. It’s the place we shower, the place we get some private time, the place we get down and dirty with our nether regions. It’s a personal space. Put it this way, when the in-laws visit we rarely say, ‘Let me show you the bathroom…’

That’s all about to change, however, because smart technology has entered the bathroom and it’s arrived in full jazz hands mode, with the inclusion of features such as LED mirrored cabinets and digital showers – with ‘spray intensity’ control no less. It might soon be the room you want to showcase the minute a stranger calls.

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How then do you make your guests' trip to the little boys and girls' room worth their while? Amp up the style people. Amp it up. Here we’ve collated some Instagram inspiration to turn your bathroom from ‘oh no’ to ‘opulent’.

Hold on to your toilet roll – it’s going to be glorious.


Kathryn Watts, creative director at Exto, creators of luxury bathrooms for exclusive properties, says it’s more than possible to seamlessly weave luxury with a high-level of inconspicuous smart technology.

In this instance the intelligent toilet is the perfect example of a potential eyesore. The Numi Intelligent from Kohler is a voice and app controlled loo that lifts up the lid and warms the seat when you walk into the room. It also automatically flushes and deodorises when you leave.

The key to integrating such an imposing device into an intimate space then is to find a product that does it for you – in this example with a hidden cistern and hideaway buttons. “When the tech is concealed by the designer, there is no need to style the bathroom in a specific way, or make compromises in terms of look and style,” Watts says.

Luxe LED look

Watts says Exto clients want to re-create the look and feel of the bathrooms that they have experienced in boutique top-range hotels. “They want to achieve a luxurious look using high-quality materials such as marble for surfaces, whilst at the same time benefiting from the latest wellness innovations available, in a private and usually smaller setting.”

Bathrooms on a budget can use familiar tricks up the stylist’s sleeve. As this post from Reece Bathroom reveals, claiming a “hotel inspired look” is possible with the simple addition of an LED mirror to the bathroom space. A space made all the more eye-catching by coupling the pop of light from the mirror with a tilework colour palette of soft tones, such as white and grey.

Bold statement

The same principle can apply to the smart mirror, with the Alexa-ready Kohler Konnect Verdera making its way into luxury bathrooms; with large, dark, and moody tiling the perfect platform for those enticing strips of light, punching a soft white into the room. Both modern looking and minimalist, glowing mirrors reach that high style currency of ‘bold statement’.


“Another key aspect of the smart evolution taking place in the bathroom sector is the fitting by manufacturers of smart valves in taps and brassware,” says Watts. “This technological innovation is also inconspicuous to the user but contributes to the reduction of environmental damage.” Smart tapware also gives stylists an opportunity to dispel the moody dark of the bathroom, with the pops of light found on digital temperature controls bringing an ambient blush to the gloom.

Home spa

Saunas and spas are currently one of the leading trends for the luxury bathroom set. This quartet of shots from Exto shows how to mesh style and smarts.

Exto recently designed a hammam to look like a normal shower room, clad in marble and with a made-to-measure shower enclosure, a steam generator and diffuser, which is remotely controlled via an online app in real time. They also connected the hammam to the smart home central control.

“The hammam was also fitted with an RGB chromotherapy and aromatherapy system, which again can be remotely controlled via an app. Finally, a speaker, integrated in the lighting system and connected to the smart hub automation system, added another layer of technological luxury.”


Chromotherapy can also be achieved without getting the builders in to knock up a domestic sauna. This bright showerhead light can illuminate with a flick of a modern sensor, and as bathroom and kitchen designers Ivan Simpson reveal, the Axor shower light is great as a "stunning" centrepiece. It adds to the dreamy feel of a smart bathroom, complete with on-trend tapware and rainshowers to boot.

TV in the bathroom

A television in the bathroom can look more out of place than a food tray, but there are ways to blend them in and match style and convenience. Typically a gallery wall is used as a way to blend in wall mounted smart TVs and this idea can be taken over to the bathroom by coupling a telly screen with a mirrored medicine cabinet for storing daily essentials.

Future smart shower

The future of the smart bathroom could lie in touchscreens, as this nomination in the Reece Bathroom Competition shows. As a concept this interactive glass panel could cover any surface in the bathroom, synching up all the other smart tech found in the space, such as digital shower controls that automatically retain temperature preferences. Here the use of wood panels brings natural materials into the mix too.

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