Ten smart lighting ideas to steal from Instagram

Scared about styling your new connected bulbs and lamps? We got you

Ten smart lighting ideas to steal
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When it's done right smart lighting can transform a room and it can be wonderfully ephermeral too, from building new scenes for colour changing LEDs on a whim to swapping out which lamp a connected bulb sits in.

That means you have space to experiment with moods and aesthetics on a minute by minute basis. Chances are, though, you'll have one or two go-to looks or scenes that work for most of the time and then on top of that you can throw in movie modes and party modes and attention seeking modes for when you just want to impress dinner party guests.

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Smart lights are pretty damn popular when it comes to bloggers and brands sharing their tech and style ideas on social media. So we've picked out our favourite Instagram images for inspiration.

Philips Hue

A smart home staple, Philips Hue isn't just bulbs - it's also Lightstrips, table lamps and now an outdoor range. Tag your pics of Philips Hue smart bulbs in your home with the hashtag #myhue and the main Philips Hue Insta account might choose to feature you on the feed. Here's some of our picks:

Lightstrips under the desk

Bookcase ambience

Funky fireplace


It's impossible for Nanoleaf to not look striking but you might be wondering how best to style the bold Aurora modular lighting panels. Some are surprisingly sedate. Tag pics #mynanoleaf to get them featured on the main Nanoleaf account.

Pale pink lights for coffee

In the studio

Glowing indoor garden


Lifx's own account has some lush photography showing you how you can integrate its Mini bulbs, Tile and Beam lighting into your living room.

Slats and strips

Corner spotlight


It's a mix of stuff on the baby Hive Instagram account with thermostats, hubs and cameras thrown in but Hive's account also has some stylish photos of its colour changing smart bulbs in action.

Party time

Same lamp, different vibes

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