Smartwatch apps to help jazz up your smart home with ease

Sync your wrist to the rest of your home

Smartwatch apps for your smart home
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The most popular way to control smart home devices is the smartphone, but what happens if you left your phone in another room? Or you're just so done with work emails you can't stand to look at it?

Instead, you can turn to your wrist. Your smartwatch can act as a neat portal into your home, controlling your heating, your home security, your lights and more.

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So whether you have an Android Wear smartwatch or an Apple Watch, there are plenty of apps that can help you control your smart home. We've chosen a couple of our favorites to get you started.

Your lights

Smartwatch apps to make your smart home smarter

Apple Watch: Philips Hue

The most popular name in smart lights, Philips Hue offers a ton of different bulb and lighting options to trick out your home. For the most part, you can control your lights from your phone. However, if you're feeling a little lazy - and who doesn't feel a little lazy once in a while - there's the Philips Hue Apple Watch app. It'll let you change your scenes in a pinch, so you can quickly go from movie time to bedtime.

Free, Download Philips Hue

Android Wear: LIFX

Unfortunately, if you're of the Android Wear persuasion you're out of luck when it comes to an official smartwatch app for Philips Hue. Instead, you could turn to Philips' competitor in the land of smart lights: LIFX. The advantage of LIFX is that you don't really need a hub to control all your lights. It also has an Android Wear app, but it's quite limited in what it can actually do. You can simply turn your lights off or on.

Free, Download LIFX

Your security cam

Smartwatch apps to make your smart home smarter

Apple Watch: Withings Home

Withings already has one of the better smart home security cameras out there, and they have a well-stocked smartwatch app to match. You'll be able to watch live streams from your cameras right there on your wrist, as well as receive snapshots and motion detection alerts. If your baby is crying you can quickly activate a lullaby, too.

Free, Download Withings Home

Android Wear: tinyCam Monitor

This Wear app is compatible with a whole host of security cameras, including a couple from Nest, and will let you check in with screenshots from each of them on your wrist. If you long press, you'll also get some pan and tilt control so you can see a little more of what your camera has captured.

Your thermostat

Smartwatch apps to make your smart home smarter


Nest is one of the few smart home devices that has a smartwatch app for both Apple Watch and Android Wear. It works pretty simply on both platforms. You'll get all your Nest notifications, you can switch between Home and Away modes and you can set your target temperatures.

Free, Download Nest (Android/iOS)

Apple Watch: Honeywell Lyric

If you're not into Nest, and have an Apple Watch, the Honeywell Lyric app is a good alternative for your Honeywell thermostat. You'll be able to set your temperature, control your fans and switch between heating and cooling. And, of course, you'll be able to turn on away mode when you have to eventually leave the home.

Free, Download Honeywell Lyric

Your services

Smartwatch apps to make your smart home smarter

Apple Watch: SmartThings Mobile

Samsung's SmartThings system allows you to create a whole bunch of "Hello Home" actions, which basically causes your home to react to you when you leave or enter. So, for instance, if you come home and it's night time your lights will be on. Once you set these all up in the companion app, you'll be able to control them all via the Apple Watch app. Voila!

Free, Download SmartThings Mobile


Ah, to have the power of automation service IFTTT on your wrist. For both Apple Watch and Android Wear, you'll be able to scroll through and activate your many, many applets right from the comfort of your couch. Want to light up your Hue lights when your favorite sports team starts? Boom, you're good to go. Want to adjust your thermostat when you get home? That's covered too.

Free, Download IFTTT (Android/iOS)

Your other things

Smartwatch apps to make your smart home smarter


This is basically a complete smart home solution for your home, ranging from your thermostat to your lights to your security cam at your door. Vivint covers it all, installs it all, and groups it all together so you can control it from one place. It also has Android Wear and Apple Watch apps that let you control it all, from your garage doors to regular doors to temperature.

Free, Download Vivint (Android/iOS)

Apple Watch: August Smart Home

August's Apple Watch app is probably one of the more simple, and intuitive, smartwatch apps out there. All you have to do is swipe and tap your Apple Watch to your August lock to unlock it. Easy! You'll also get to see a log of who has unlocked your lock and get notified when it happens.

Free, Download August Home

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