Sonos Cyber Monday 2020: Savings now live across the range... Move, Beam, Five, Arc, One and more

Sonos is going big for Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts

Sonos Cyber Monday savings now live
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If you're after a new Sonos speaker then you're in luck. The multi-room audio specialist has announced great savings across pretty much it's entire range for Black Friday and, as we move into Cyber Monday, there are massive discounts on the One, Move, Beam, Arc and Sub all available.

Sonos has actually announced brand new deals for Cyber Monday, that weren't available on Black Friday - such as $50 off of the One and One SL, and $200 off of a pair of Sonos Fives.

Whether you shop with Sonos directly, or go through the speaker brand's Amazon store... the savings on individual speakers are the same, although you can get more multi-pack and bundle deals if you go direct.

The speaker giant has a history of going big when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts and 2020 is no different.

There is $100 off of a trio of the latest and greatest Sonos speakers:

Sonos Move - was $399, now $299 - Shop with Sonos | Buy on Amazon

Sonos Beam - was $399, now $299 - Shop with Sonos | Buy on Amazon

Sonos Sub - was $699, now $599 - Shop with Sonos | Buy on Amazon

Sonos is a classy option for multi-room speakerheads. It marries ease of use to quality of build and sound, which is a pretty compelling package.

Best of all, the Californian audio brand is not afraid of lumping in when Black Friday comes to town.

We weren't expecting the newest Sonos speakers such as the Sonos Arc, Sonos Five and the latest-gen Sonos Sub to get a price-cut just a few months after they launched, but there's $100 off of the Sub (as mentioned above) and the Arc is included in some bundle deals if you go direct to Sonos, although the 'real' saving is on the devices it's included with.

Such as...

Multiroom Entertainment Set - Now $1,098, was $1,198... Save $100

sonos one sl speaker

Where will I find the best Sonos deals?

As mentioned, your best bet for a Sonos saving is with the brand directly or with Amazon.

However, most of the major retailers will get involved with the Cyber Monday discounts.

In America, Walmart, Best Buy and Target are always on top of the pile for deals on home technology, and that should extend to Sonos speakers.

For our readers in the UK, some of the key retailers to keep your eye on will be John Lewis, Argos and Currys PC World, alongside other online retailers such as Very.

sonos FIVe

How will I know I'm getting a good deal for Cyber Monday?

To begin with, we're not going to be showcasing any old deal on The Ambient. We've been watching the market for years, so we know the difference between a great sale and a mirage. We'll only bring you the best deals.

Whether retailers are quoting original prices on their discounts, or misleading customers another way, we can cut through to ignore less appetizing offers.

Even without our help, though, you can find some tools to let you see a product's historical price, if you want to do some digging of your own.

One great tool is a browser extension called Keepa. This embeds a graph showing the item's price history onto Amazon pages. It's a great option to get a quick sense for the quality of a deal on Amazon.

It's also important to make sure you don't buy something that isn't actually up to much, just because it's discounted. Make sure you're keeping on top of our reviews and guides to let you know the best-in-class products for different categories. It's not your job to help retailers shift stock for dud products.

With Sonos, this isn't much of a concern - the brand's prices hardly fluctuate at all throughout a calendar year and you can also guarantee that you'll be picking up a great speaker if you are shopping for a new Sonos.

Bookmark this page as we'll keep it updated with the very best Holiday season savings on Sonos speakers.

Be sure to also check out our Echo and Alexa Black Friday 2020 deals hub and keep up to date with all the Philips Hue discounts, as well.

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