Candy WashPass wants to take the hassle out of your washing

Washing made easy with Candy's new automated washing service

WashPass takes the hassle out of washing
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Whether it’s for entertainment, music or fitness, subscriptions have become even more prevalent in 2020 as we continue to demand different ways to access new services. With so many of us also spending extended periods at home and becoming embroiled in household chores, it can be tempting to daydream about a world in which your laundry, for example, is more straightforward.

It’s a world that Candy has already created, with the appliance giant debuting a new pay-monthly laundry service - WashPass - that takes the hassle out of your washing.

Research by Candy indicates 40 million Brits have some kind of subscription to a product or service, also amounting to 12% of their total disposable income spending. The number of adults subscribing to different services has increased by 34% in 12 different countries between 2014 and 2019, too, making it a fairly natural move for this to start filtering into different areas in the smart home.

Since Candy is the first to offer a subscription service of this kind, you’re likely wondering how exactly it improves on the tried-and-tested method of standard washing machines.

Well, it’s a service that’s rooted in clever upgrades and simplicity. The premise is essentially that by providing you with a smart washing machine and delivering high-quality detergents when you need them, you’ll witness improved performance and less waste — all while automations take the thinking out of the experience.

Candy WashPass wants to take the hassle out of your washing

Naturally, Candy’s smart washing machine is at the heart of the operation. And instead of chucking all your dirty clothes in the drum, loading an approximate amount of detergent in and hoping for the best, the device’s sophisticated tanks do the legwork for you.

An automatic dosing system will be able to analyse your wash once a cycle has been started, before then taking the best mix from the four detergent ingredient supplies and establishing the optimal time to inject them into the mix – Candy claims this allows up to 70% better washing results.

For example, if you have your favourite wool jumper on a cycle, the machine will be able to automatically add a delicate formula of detergent during a low-temperature cycle.

This process means that no longer do you have to um-and-ah over how much detergent, powder or tablets to add into your cycle — it’s now done more accurately and automatically.

It’s also not the only reason to stay connected, since keeping the machine connected to the Wi-Fi helps Candy predict when you’re set to run out of detergent and send out replenishments.

The ingenious Snap&Wash feature also allows the connected device to select the correct program for your mountain of clothes through a quick snap from your smartphone on the Candy Simply-Fi app. No more twisting the dial to what you suspect is the right cycle, and no more Googling whether or not you can wash different fabrics together at a certain temperature.

For when you need to get your clothes clean in a hurry, the washer also provides nine rapid wash programs to pick between, with the 9kg drum maxing out at 1200 RPM and still remaining A+++ rated for power efficiency.

If even that isn’t enough automation, the W-Fi-enabled washing machine is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The smart assistants aren’t quite ready to take your laundry to the washing machine and load it up just yet, but you are able to kickstart actions through the power of voice — much like you can already with the likes of robot vacuums and kitchen appliances.

It’s no secret that Candy has been innovating within the home for some time, but, despite these new upgrades smartening up our traditional home appliances and changing the ways we use them, the entirely fresh concept of WashPass isn’t difficult to wrap your head around.

Candy WashPass wants to take the hassle out of your washing

In order to receive the smart washing machine (worth over £500) and access to detergent whenever you need it, you’ll pay a one-time £69 fee to set up WashPass, then £6.90 a month and 80p per wash. It’s essentially like paying for your smartphone — you get the cutting-edge technology for a small initial outlay before adding the rest on as you use it. Like all the latest tech within the smart home, it also saves you plenty of stress and leaves more time for the important stuff.

However, you’ll have to act fast if you want to upgrade your laundry game to 2020. Only 500 passes are available online, with subscribers able to receive their new washing machine within a few days. Once connected to the Simply-Fi app and Wi-Fi, users will be guided through the installation of the detergent tanks. From there, only hassle-free washing remains.

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