Week 5: Paul's Smart home diary

In which not a great deal happens

Week 5: Paul's Smart home diary
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This post first appeared on Wareable, in March 2016...

No more talk about Ethernet cables. You have my word.

But first, a small disclaimer. Not a lot has happened on my 'smart' home this week. Well, lots of stuff has happened but, unless you count insulating plaster boards and new radiator pipes as 'smart', not a lot has happened that's relevant for this diary.

Basically, the kitchen extension is being built, the windows are coming later this week and the huge plastering job can begin next week. Connected tech isn't front and centre of the plans at the moment.

So, apologies in advance for the lack of a meaty update.

But the break does allow me to to take a deep breath, take stock and consider exactly what tech I want populating my new home once we're ready to move in.

When we first started Wareable, co-founder and current executive ed James Stables coined our tag line 'Tech for your connected self'. Essentially it gave us license to not only cover wearable tech, but include the ever expanding array of personal, smart connected tech that is so closely aligned with the wearable revolution. For us, the two sit side-by-side and complement each other perfectly.

In the 18 or so months since we've launched with seen the selection of smart home platforms and devices expand at a rapid rate and we're constantly redrawing the boundaries of what falls within our remit and what doesn't. An example of the latter – Bluetooth speakers. Yes, they may 'connect' to your smartphone but they are hardly representative of the connected self.

For us, smart tech has to do something more than connect to another device. It needs to be a lot more personal.

It's that train of thought that will define what I document over the coming weeks in my diary. Sure, I'll be using smartphones, tablets and PCs to connect and control the devices I incorporate into my setup, but the focus will be on the devices. How you install them, how to get them running properly, what functions they provide and whether they live up to their billings.

I've had the luxury of wiring up my house from scratch in anticipation of incorporating all this cutting edge tech, so I (or rather that gadgets and gizmos I choose to install) should have no excuses for not working as they should.

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From next week I'll start focusing on specific areas of the smart home, assessing the products that caught my eye and explaining why I chose the devices that I did. As I mentioned in week one of the diary, I don't want gimmicky products. I want products and platforms that integrate seamlessly with my life.

"I don't want to be waving my arms around in my living room, closing curtains and turning on radiators using gestures, simply because there are devices out there that let me do that now."

So, apologies again that this week's update isn't packed with info or helpful tips with regards to setting up your smart home. However, we do have plenty of those on Wareable. Check out our smart home super guide for an absolute wealth of information.

Come back next week where we'll be diving deep into smart lighting.

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