A guide to the new Samsung SmartThings app

Improved iOS and Android SmartThings app - here's what you need to know

A guide to the new Samsung SmartThings app
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It's all happening over at SmartThings HQ. We recently brought you the news that the Samsung-owned brand would no longer be making hardware for its own smart home ecosystem; instead choosing to double down on technology and focus efforts on the ecosystem.

This doesn't mean SmartThings is being discontinued, far from it. Just that it will be a software solution, with third-party hardware, that you can use to maintain, manage and automate your smart home.

The first signs of this brave new world were began to show earlier this year, with the death of the legacy 'Classic' SmartThings app and the launch of SmartThings Labs and now we've got a shiny new SmartThings app going live now too.

Described by Samsung as "the next generation of SmartThings, the premier technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT," the new app is already rolling out for Android users, while iPhone owners can expect to see the update hit the App Store in the coming weeks.

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Apart from the obvious new lick of paint, there are a few new features on offer.

Read on, and we'll tell you everything that you need to know about the new Samsung SmartThings mobile app experience...

new Samsung SmartThings app

New SmartThings app - what's new

The premise behind new app is to make it simpler for users to get to the actions and automations they want.

The new UI is broken down into five headline categories – Favorites, Devices, Life, Automations and Menu.

  • Favorites basically replaces the existing homescreen, allowing to sort and easily view all of your connected devices, groups, routines, scenes and so on.
  • Devices is where you will find all of the smart home kit that you've synced with your SmartThings platform; think plugs, lights, sensors, smart speakers and a whole lot more.
  • Life sounds like it's essentially a storefront for the stuff that makes it out of the recently launched SmartThings Labs. Samsung describe is as "a place to explore the growing world of connected living where users can discover new SmartThings services that transform physical products into meaningful user experiences."

new Samsung SmartThings app automations

  • Automations is where you'll be able to team up your connected devices to perform routines, based on specific conditions.
  • Menu... you can probably guess what's in here. All of your settings, as well as additional SmartThings features such as SmartThings Labs, Notifications, History, and Settings.
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