What’s in store for HomeKit in 2020

All the new gadgets coming to your Apple smart home this year

New HomeKit gear
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Apple's smart home platform HomeKit is finally starting to ramp up. With a bevy of new HomeKit compatible devices on show at CES, 2020 is looking like a good year for bagging great new gear for your Apple-powered smart home.

HomeKit compatible smart devices integrate with all your Apple products, so you can do things like unlock you door lock with your Apple Watch, turn off all your lights with a command to Siri, and even control your home from your Apple laptop or desktop computer. Throw a HomeKit hub into the mix (iPad, HomePod or AppleTV) and you get remote control of all your devices from outside your home.

At this year's CES a lot of companies rolled out their new, HomeKit compatible devices, promising the products would hit a virtual shelf near you before the end of 2020. Here's a look at some of those promising products, from smart cameras to invisible door locks and swanky switches.

Smart Cameras

What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

Abode indoor/outdoor camera

Buy now: Abode $199

DIY smart security system Abode's first outdoor camera debuted at CES 2020. HomeKit compatible it can be integrated into an Abode system or used as a standalone camera. It doesn't work with HomeKit secure video yet, but the company tell us they're looking into it.

A modular design gives plenty of placement options when powered by a USB cable, and the camera can also be wired into existing doorbell wiring to act as a doorbell camera.

Specs: Facial recognition, PIR motion sensing, two-way voice, 1080 HD video, 152 degree field of view, IP65 weather-resistance

What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

Blue by ADT Cameras

Buy now: ADT | $199

ADT is launching a DIY home security alarm system this spring called Blue by ADT that will be HomeKit compatible, but you don't have to wait for the darling buds, the system's cameras are available now and work as standalone, HomeKit compatible devices.

There's an outdoor camera, an indoor camera and a video doorbell, all priced at $199 and a Wi-Fi range extender ($49) that doubles as a doorbell chime. The cameras all have excellent specs and the video doorbell boasts a 180-degree field of view. The outdoor camera is battery powered (it will last 3-6 months and the range extender will extend that further), and the indoor camera has Alexa built in.

Specs: Facial recognition, PIR motion sensing, two-way voice, 1080 HD video, smart alerts with video previews, motion zones, local storage, 24 hours of cloud storage for free.

What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

Eve Indoor Camera

April 2020 | $149.95

If you're keen on HomeKit Secure Video, check out Eve's new Eve Cam - an indoor camera coming April 2020. With HomeKit secure video all your footage is privately analyzed by your home hub (Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad) using on-device intelligence for features like person recognition, rather than sending it up to the cloud.

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Rich notifications let you view clips right from the iPhone Lock Screen and you can view any footage for ten days from the Home app for free with a 200GB iCloud plan.

Specs: Person/pet recognition, PIR motion sensing, two-way voice, 1080p HD video, 150-degree field of view, IP65 weather-resistance

What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Spring 2020 | $249.99

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is a souped up, battery-powered outdoor security camera with HomeKit support. Featuring motion sensing, it can independently tilt, zoom and pan to keep subjects in frame, light them up with 2,000 lumens and emit an ear piercing siren you can control from the app.

Specs: Completely wireless, 6 month battery-life, two-way voice, 2K HDR video, color night vision, IP65 weather-resistant

Smart Locks

What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Spring 2020 | $TBD

August's hugely popular smart lock, easily the most versatile one out there, finally gets a redesign that crucially bakes the Wi-Fi right in (so no need for a separate Connect hub) and knocks off about half the size of the original. Our biggest complaint with the original lock was its size and the new slimmer, smaller version looks much more at home on the back of your door and much less like a small spaceship has taken up residence above your doorknob.

As with all August locks this one has HomeKit support so you can lock and unlock with your voice using Siri, presence using geofencing or by using an app on any of your Apple devices.

What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys

Coming this year | $TBD

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is European-only HomeKit compatible lock completely replaces your deadbolt and works in any European cylinder lock. Pricing is still TBD but we've heard it may be somewhere around €350 to €400, including three of its NFC-enabled keys.

These keys are the lock's main feature, use them to open the door as you would with a regular key but easily "deactivate" any key in the app. HomeKit compatibility lets you control the lock remotely if you have a HomeKit hub.

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What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

Level Lock

Reserve at Level Home | $199

Another genre-defying door lock, the Level Lock is a smart door lock that replaces your door's deadbolt while leaving everything else - your handle, key and thumbturn - in place. All the smarts and power are designed into the deadbolt itself. This makes Level Lock the first invisible smart lock.

Designed by two former Apple employees, Level Lock operates using your phone over Bluetooth when you’re at home or remotely using an Apple HomeKit hub. You can even set it up to unlock as you approach.


What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

Nanoleaf Learning Series

Spring 2020: $14.99 to $49.99

The Nanoleaf Learning Series is an entire smart lighting platform from the modular smart light makers. The system will include a color-changing smart bulb, a smart dimmer switch, and accessories that can trigger all your Nanoleaf lights, including the company's signature light panels (in square and hexagonal shapes), like a motion sensor.

The collection of devices and accessories will learn, sense and react to a user and their environment and will be HomeKit compatible.

What’s in store for HomeKit in 2020

Lifx smart switch

Spring 2020 | $119.99

The Wi-Fi lighting leader, Lifx added a number of new products to its HomeKit compatible smart lighting range, including a new filament white bulb (ST64 Teardrop with a G95 Globe coming soon) for $29.99 and a candelabra bulb ($29.99).

But its new dashingly attractive smart lighting switch took most of the attention, due to its ability to control unconnected lights as well as LIFX lights and replace an entire four-gang switch in one go.

Wemo Stage

Summer 2020 | $49.99

Another smart switch from Wemo, the Wemo Stage can control HomeKit scenes, supporting up to six configurations using a long or short press for each of its three buttons. Like the Hue smart dimmer controller, the switch can be attached to a wall plate and act as a switch or used as a remote control.


March 2020 | $139.99

The smart lighting leader announced additions to its HomeKit compatible outdoor lighting line, including a wall-mounted fixture and two low-voltage spot and path lights.

The wall-mounted Appear fixture ($139.99) creates a directed triangle of light, bothup and down to elevating that curb appeal. The low-voltage Lily XL spotlight ($139.99) bigs up the existing Lily spotlight by providing a more powerful light and a new low-voltage pedestal path light ($129.99) has been added to the Philips Hue Econic line.

Signify, which owns Hue, also announced that voice control - including using Siri - is coming to the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box.

What’s in store for HomeKit in 2020

Sengled Smart Hub

Buy Now: Amazon | From $19.99 to $29.99

Ultra affordable smart lighting range Sengled now has a HomeKit compatible smart hub. Pick up the 3rd-gen Sengled Smart Hub ($29.99) and those $15 white bulbs and $25 color ones will work with your HomeKit set up.

The company also has a new Edison-style filament bulb ($29.99), E12 candle light bulbs ($24.99) and an energy monitoring smart plug ($19.99), which will all also work with HomeKit through the hub.

Plugs & Sensors

What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

Eve Water Guard

Buy Now: Eve | USD $79.95

Eve's recently announced water sensor, the Eve Water Guard, is now available to order. A HomeKit-enabled plug-in water leak detector, it will alert you with an audible and visible alarm to any water its 2 meter / 6.5 foot cable detects.

What’s coming in 2020 for HomeKit

Eve Energy

Buy Now: Eve | $39.95

Eve has slimmed down its energy monitoring smart plug both in size and price. The HomeKit compatible plug now only takes up one outlet, while packing the same energy monitoring and autonomous scheduling features of its fatter predecessor.

WeMo WiFi Smart Plug

Summer 2020 | $24.99

The WeMo mini also gets mini-er this year, with Belkin showing off a redesigned version of its excellent, but tiny smart plug at CES. Now called the WeMo WiFi Smart Plug, it's HomeKit compatible and all the other specs besides size remain the same. While the previous plug was already small enough not to block the other outlet, this one will be at home even on a power strip.

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