4K Wimbledon 2018 guide: How to watch with the BBC and the best compatible TVs

Everything you need to know about streaming the tennis this summer

4K Wimbledon 2018 guide

Strawberries and cream at the ready – and make sure your cupboards are full of Pimm's… Wimbledon 2018 is underway and it's a visual treat for your 4K smart TV or 4K projector.

That's right, the World Cup isn't the only major sporting event this summer – the biggest tournament in tennis (it is, French / Australian / American readers, just accept it) is upon us, and the good news is that the BBC is offering up 4K coverage of the action – every match from Centre Court will be available in glorious Ultra HD through the BBC iPlayer. To get technical, it's actually HLG, HDR, UHD, based on BBC R&D’s recent work for the Royal Wedding.

However, it's not all good news – like the World Cup in 4K with the BBC it's once again on a 'trial' basis. There are just a limited number of spaces available (in the tens of thousands) on a first come, first served basis – although there haven't been any reports of people not being able to get involved in the BBC UHD World Cup trial.

The key thing to be aware is that that not everybody is guaranteed entry to the highest quality. You'll need a connection of at least 40Mbit/s for the full 3840 pixel UHD. 20Mbit/s will only get you 2560 pixel action. Your best bet, if possible, is to wire up your smart TV using an Ethernet connection to your router.

Another caveat though – sorry – just because you have a 4K TV with the iPlayer app, that doesn't mean it will be compatible. Check to see if your TV is on the BBC's official list.

If it's not, then you've still got a couple of options. The first is to plug in a Roku Streaming Stick+, which runs the version of the iPlayer app required to get the 4K feed.

Sky is also offering the latter stages of the tournament in UHD. Sky Q customers with a 2TB box will be able to access the 4K feed from Centre Court, for the semi-finals and finals, via a pop up/red button message while watching on BBC One or Two.

The best TVs to watch the Wimbledon 2018 in UHD 4K

If you’ve already got one of the TVs on the BBC’s list then you're in luck. If not we’ve chosen five top 4K televisions to watch Wimbledon on.

Samsung Q7

The Korean giant has led the way on the LED-front with its QLED tech, and the Q7 shows it's not all about OLED. Colours are vibrant, and the peak brightness this TV is capable of means HDR looks stunning.

Hisense H6E

Want a cheaper entry to the party? Hisense has you covered. You can get a 43-inch set for less than £350 – which is great value for an HDR TV.

Sony AF8

Really want to impress your pals with an absolute TV monster? Look no further than the OLED AF8. With picture and sound quality the same as you’d find on Sony’s flasgship A1, the screen itself actually provides the audio thanks to the company’s Acoustic Surface tech.

Philips 55POS9002/05

This Android OLED TV packs in the P5 picture quality engine to digitally optimise everything you see, and Ambilight tech means a more immersive picture too, emitting a wide glow from three sides of your TV screen onto the wall.

LG 55SJ950V

LG claims this TV is great for people not in the best optimal viewing angle – which is likely if you've got a room full of your pals all watching the tennis. That's thanks to the Nano Cell Display tech, which enhances off-centre colour consistency and reduces colour distortion due to viewing angle.

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