Amazon Echo Show 5: Everything you need to know about the smart display

It's small, it's cheap and it's coming soon

Amazon Echo Show 5 complete guide

Amazon has unveiled a new version of the Echo Show – the Amazon Echo Show 5.

No, you haven’t miscounted, the Echo Show 5 is named as such because it’s a smaller, 5.5-inch version of the popular screened speaker, which was only revamped last year with a larger 10-inch screen.

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This makes it the third different kind of Show display we've seen – but how does it actually differ from its larger sibling on the spec sheet, how will it compare to rivals and is it set to confine the Echo Spot to the graveyard? Let's explore the design, features, price and release date.

Amazon Echo Show 5: Design

Amazon Echo Show 5: Everything you need to know

The Echo Show 5 actually represents a fairly big design departure from its bigger brother, with a more squat, flat build, which still houses a chunky speaker in the back. It’s also still got a HD camera, but there's now a camera shutter, for those concerned about privacy.

As we mentioned, the screen size comes in at 5.5-inches, offering a resolution of 960 x 480. In full, the size specs of the new Show are 148mm x 80mm x 73mm, with ports for the power, Micro USB cables and a 3.5mm audio jack sitting in the rear.

To compare, this is slightly bigger than the new Lenovo Smart Clock featuring Google Assistant, which offers a 4-inch screen and a shallower back, and the Echo Spot, which has a 2.5-inch screen. It's still probably just about small enough to put on your bedside table, as shown in the image above, but we'll be putting the design to the test in our full review.

Amazon Echo Show 5: Features

Amazon Echo Show 5: Everything you need to know

One of the big differences between the Echo Show 5 and the standard edition is the lack of a Zigbee chip, meaning this can't act as a hub for your other smart home gadgets in the same way.

However, it's not all bad, since you've still got Alexa to run things via voice requests plus show you live footage from compatible doorbells and cameras. There are also – announced alongside the new display – new ways to delete voice recordings. Simply saying something like, “Alexa, delete everything I said today” will see all your recordings wiped.

Another new feature is also coming through the Echo Show 5 is Alexa Sunrise – a new part of night time routines that turn the screen on before your alarm for a more natural wake-up. There's also a new smart home control dashboard, which will be exclusive to Show devices, though whether skills will be improved through the display remains to be seen.

Amazon Echo Show 5: Price

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is on sale for $89.99, which puts it at much cheaper price point than both the second generation of the Echo Show ($229.99 and even the Echo Spot ($129.99).

When it launches, it'll be the cheapest (and probably best) way to get Alexa on a smart display, though there's also the Google Assistant-powered Lenovo Smart Display, which comes in at $79.99.

Amazon Echo Show 5: Release date

The Amazon Echo Show will ship on 26 June to the US, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia next month, and to India in July.

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