Best Google Home IFTTT Applets: Make your Assistant smarter

IFTTT opens up loads more ways to use your devices

Best Google Home IFTTT Applets
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The Google Assistant has evolved into a very capable presence in our homes, but sometimes don't you wish you could just... do more?

That's where IFTTT (If This Then That) comes in. For those who are ready to "crank their smart home game to the next level", as the kids might say, IFTTT lets various devices, apps and platforms to talk to one another, where they otherwise wouldn't.

Essential guide: The best IFTTT Applets

The Google Assistant can integrate with a fairly large number of third-party gadgets, and the number is always growing, but there will still be instances where it won't play nice. Or you'd simply wish a certain integration did more.

We're big fans of IFTTT here at The Ambient, so we've pulled together this guide on some of our current top Applets (IFTTT's integrations are called Applets, FYI) that work with Google Home and the Assistant. If you're an Alexa user, we have a list of top integrations there too.

Send your shopping list to your iPhone

Handy for iOS users, this one, which means Google Assistant will save your shopping list reminders to your iOS list. Particularly handy if you also use Siri for the same purpose, as both assistants will feed into the same place.


Put your notes into a spreadsheet

Have the Google Assistant store away your notes for that screenplay you've been working on for years. Who cares if it's any good? Google doesn't judge (we don't think?).


An easy way to track your weight

Tracking your progress? Want an easy to way to do it? Say "Ok Google, log my weight of #", or "Ok Google, I weigh #", or "The scale says #". It will be added to a Google Sheet with the time/date of the record and the weight.


Best Google Home IFTTT Applets: Make your Assistant smarter

Add songs to your Spotify playlist

If you want to add a song to a specific playlist, you can use this Applet. You'll just need to say, "Ok Google, add to [Name of playlist], [Artist name], [Song title]."


Add a new contact

Too lazy to pick up the phone and punch in the digits? Have Assistant add a new contact for you, via IFTTT. When it's live, just say, "Ok Google, add [Name] to my contacts. The number is #".


Add events to your iOS calendar

The Google Assistant already syncs nicely with Google Calendars, but what if you're more of an iOS calendar type? There's an Applet for that. Just say, "Hey Google, add to my iOS calendar..." and then dictate accordingly.


Best Google Home IFTTT Applets: Make your Assistant smarter

Control your TV with Logitech Harmony

If you don't have a Chromecast dongle or a TV that has Chromecast built in, there is another way to control your TV using the Assistant – but it requires a Logitech Harmony Hub. If you have one, simply enable the below IFTTT Applets to turn the TV on/off.

Download (Turn on) / Download (Turn off)

Have Google Assistant call your iPhone

Google Assistant can now do calling natively, but there's an IFTTT route if you'd prefer it, which some iPhone users might. You'll just need to enter your phone number to hook the two up.


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