Eve guide: Your missing manual to the HomeKit specialist

Everything you need to know about the artist formerly known as Elgato

Eve guide: HomeKit specialist missing manual
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Once known as Elgato Eve – but now simply as Eve – the German company has been in the connected home game longer than many of its rivals, and its HomeKit exclusivity makes it an obvious winner for iOS fans looking to step up their smart home systems.

With smart devices across a plethora of categories – lighting, power, security and more – Eve is an easy and affordable way to add devices to any HomeKit setup, while at the same time offering a pretty comprehensive companion app to manage non-Eve devices as well.

Eve is also one of the few smart home companies to offer most of its products in the US, UK and Europe.

Here's everything you need to know about Eve and its HomeKit-focused smart home ecosystem.

Eve guide: Your missing manual to the HomeKit specialist

Eve: HomeKit ecosystem and the app

We've used the word HomeKit about 17 times already and, if you're looking at getting some Eve kit into your home, expect to see it a lot, lot more.

That's because – as mentioned above – Eve has gone all-in with Apple's smart home ecosystem. There's no Alexa compatibility, Google Assistant is nowhere to be seen, and don't expect any other third-party integrations from the likes of IFTTT. If you're not using an iPhone – or at least an iPad – forget about it.

However, if you are on board the good ship iOS then you can expect a pretty seamless experience. Eve accessories use Bluetooth low energy, so they will work straight out of the box, direct with the Apple Home app, after you scan that HomeKit code.

Of course, as with all HomeKit devices, you'll get a more robust setup (with remote access) if you throw a dedicated HomeKit hub into the mix – an iPad, Apple TV or, of course, a HomePod is the best way to do this.

The Eve app is actually a much more comprehensive offering for your Apple HomeKit devices than Cupertino's native one (in our opinion, at least). Not only can it control the Eve devices listed below, but it will also pick up any other HomeKit devices you've added using the Home app, and vice versa – you can simply add Eve devices direct to the Home app, and never touch Eve's app at all.

Eve: The smart home devices

Here are all the Eve smart home devices currently available.

Smart plugs

Eve guide: Your missing manual to the HomeKit specialist

Eve Energy

Buy now: Amazon | $44.95

The Eve Energy is one of the most feature packed smart plugs out there, with energy consumption data for whatever's plugged into it – along with cost details and yearly projections for usage.

The design obviously depends on what region you live in, but it is one of the wider, more boxy smart plugs we've tested.

Eve Energy Strip

Buy now: Amazon | $99.99

Allowing for smart control of up to three devices through a single outlet (schedules for each outlet can be created and managed in the Eve app), like its single namesake Eve Energy Strip also offers the user consumption and projected cost in the Eve app.

It's also pretty slick looking; coming in a black housing with an aluminum frame. It looks very Apple-y indeed.

Smart lighting

Eve guide: Your missing manual to the HomeKit specialist

Eve Light Switch

Buy now: Amazon | $49.95

Previously US-only, this connected light switch is now available in the UK and Europe, in a slightly different form-factor. It gives you control of your lighting through the power of Siri, your iPhone, HomeKit rules or device schedules in the Eve app.

Using existing wiring you can convert any single or multi-bulb setup into a smart lighting system.

Eve Flare

Buy now: Amazon | $99.99

The Eve Flare is a portable smart light, offering six hours of battery life and an array of color customizations.

There's also IP65 water resistance, so it's safe to use outdoors.

Eve Light Strip

Buy now: Amazon | $78

This 2m LED strip (which can be extended to a length of 10m) beams out white and colors at 1800 lumens and is the brightest HomeKit-enabled LED strip to date.

Like light strips from the likes of Hue and Koogeek, it can be cut to size and comes with a peel-off adhesive strip on the back so you can easily attach it behind furniture.

Smart sensors

Eve guide: Your missing manual to the HomeKit specialist

Eve Room

Buy now: Amazon | $99.95

The second-gen Eve Room comes with a redesigned aluminum body and a high-contrast 1.54-inch E Ink display, which will tell you the temperature, humidity and air quality.

There are four different display layouts to choose from, and you can switch between them via touch panels on either side of the screen. The latest Eve Room has also done away with replaceable batteries in favor of a rechargeable one.

Eve Degree

Buy now: Amazon | $59.95

Looking a heck of a lot like the Room, the Degree is solely focused on the temperature, air pressure and humidity of its surroundings.

Essentially, it is the Room – minus the air quality monitoring smarts – but if you're more interested in the weather aspects anyway, you can save yourself some money. It's also weatherproof and can be used outdoors as a mini weather station.

Eve Motion Sensor

Buy now: Amazon | $35.99

You can use this sensor both indoors and out and, from within the Eve app, you can adjust the sensitivity – handy if the dog keeps setting it off.

Of course, it's meant to team up with other devices to offer a more complete security solution.

Eve Door and Window

Buy now: Amazon | $39.90

These contact sensors can give you a real-time status of whether a door or window is shut – simply by checking the app or by asking Siri.

Like the Motion Sensor, the Door & Window duo work best when put into HomeKit scenes, so you can have the lights come on when you open the front door, for example.

Eve Smoke

Buy now: Amazon | £119.95

Created in collaboration with Hager, Eve's smart smoke alarm packs both a photoelectric smoke sensor and differential heat sensors, so is able to warn you about both smoldering and flaming fires.

With a battery life of 10 years, the Eve Smoke will also wirelessly sync up with other devices in your Eve home, as well as third-party HomeKit devices. You could have lights going on when an alert is triggered, for example. Not available in the US at present.

Other products

Eve guide: Your missing manual to the HomeKit specialist

Eve Aqua

Buy now: Amazon | $99.95

The Aqua is a smart water controller that simply pops on to a regular outdoor tap and, using the Eve app, your Apple Home app, or indeed via Siri on any devices Apple's digital assistant resides in, you can turn the water on.

Within the app you'll also be able to set schedules for when you want the watering to start and end, and you can see data of your water usage, too. There's a button on the device itself, if you just want to turn the tap on or off independently, and there's a child lock as well.

Eve Extend

Buy now: Amazon | $49.99

Eve Extend is an essential piece of kit if you live in a home with more than one floor or that's longer than 30 feet. It helps Eve accessories beyond the Bluetooth range of your iPhone or hub (traditionally only 20 to 30 feet) connect to HomeKit. This means you can put Eve devices further from your HomeKit hub without seeing that dreaded “no response” in the Home app.

You can assign up to eight Eve accessories to one Eve Extend, and you can have multiple in your home, helping keep your Eve Motion and Door & Window sensors, light switches, and other HomeKit gadgets more responsive.

Eve Button

Buy now: Amazon | $49.95

With Eve's smart button your single, double or long press options are reserved to start HomeKit scenes – and nothing else.

It comes into its own when programmed to run Home routines and scenes, so you can set off a chain of connected events at the touch of a button… think lights off, door locked and alarm set when you leave the house, for example.

Coming soon

Eve guide: Your missing manual to the HomeKit specialist

Eve Waterguard

Coming January 2020, Eve’s Waterguard is a smart leak detector that plugs into an outlet and features a 1.5m sensing cable to cover a wide area. Adding audio and visual notifications will help avoid the problem of potentially missing an alert on your phone when there’s a leak.

The water sensor's cable looks like a regular nylon charging cable but is super sensitive. One drop of water hitting any part of it sets off an alert, and the way you can extend and manipulate the cable to get it where you want, makes it a more versatile option than most water leak detectors, which essentially sit in one spot.

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