Why the EZVIZ BC1 is the perfect wire-free security camera kit for you home

The reasons you should pick this battery powered security camera

EZVIZ BC1 could be your perfect cam
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Installing security cameras at home has never been easier. Unlike traditional hard-wired systems – that require professional installation – wireless, or wire-free battery-powered cameras, such as the EZVIZ BC1 can be installed with little effort.

These wire-free options provide greater flexibility, cloud storage and AI-based features; lowering the entry level for peace of mind.

They can also more than match their wired counterparts for high definition (and beyond) video quality, zoom capabilities and features like colour night vision.

With rechargeable year-round battery life, the EZVIZ BC1 system surpasses wired cameras with advanced mobile-centric features.

Hard-wired cameras require cables to connect to a central recording device, which in turn is plugged into the mains. They provide a highly reliable service for homeowners, but not without flaws and limitations.

Improvements in battery technology, internet connectivity standards and cloud storage lockers have made wire-free battery-powered cameras a genuine and simpler alternative.

Which set-up you decide upon will depend on your including your living arrangements, quality of internet service, appetite for DIY and more.

Read on to see how the truly wire-free camera systems like the EZVIZ BC1 compare to their hard-wired counterparts.

Why the EZVIZ BC1 is the perfect wire-free security camera kit for you home

Wire-free vs hard-wired security cameras: Battery or mains-powered?

A key benefit to hard-wired systems is the reliability provided by cabled, mains power. Operated from your home mains connection and/or networking cables

However, thanks to advances in battery tech, wire-free cameras are now more appealing. After all, who wants to be climbing ladders once a week to replace/recharge a battery?

The EZVIZ BC1 has a rechargeable 12,900mAh cell (3x larger than most smartphone batteries) which promises an entire year between charges. With the optional EZVIZ solar panel attachment, you can go even longer.

Wire-free vs hard-wired security cameras: Cloud vs local data storage

The huge advances in cloud technology assist EZVIZ BC1. Event footage captured by the camera is uploaded to the EZVIZ CloudPlay storage locker, where it’ll remain for up to a month, depending on your subscription plan.

This makes live and recorded imagery available to view on any device compatible with the EZVIZ app.

All data captured is protected by AES 128-bit encryption and the TCL encryption protocol (for which you hold the only key), while multi-level authentication for attempted logins keeps your data safe. All of this pretty much negates the increased risk of hacking once associated with wire-free cameras.

Why the EZVIZ BC1 is the perfect wire-free security camera kit for you home

However, where the BC1 cameras and Base Station really excel is that the system also offers a microSD card slot, with up to 256GB of local storage.

That huge capacity is beyond what most of EZVIZ’s competitors offer.

Local storage gives you continuous recordings if you suffer an internet outage, and you are double protected even if the cameras are damaged or stolen, as your recordings are protected because the microSD card actually goes into the base station.

Excellent smart security features

The BC1 uses the more efficient H.265 video format to capture Full HD 1080p footage, which reduces strain on cloud storage and internet bandwidth.

Thanks to its two built-in spotlights, the BC1 can also render vivid colour imaging, even in the dead of the night in total darkness.

It also boasts an integrated PIR sensor and, combined with that AI we mentioned, the BC1 can distinguish between human movement and other motion, meaning you only get the notifications that you really need.

If an unwanted intruder is detected, those spotlights can flash, and a siren can be activated for maximum security.

However, if it’s a more friendly face calling – say, for example, a delivery driver – you can have the BC1 greet them with a personalised recording or us the two-way chat function to have a remote conversation.

Why the EZVIZ BC1 is the perfect wire-free security camera kit for you home

Wire-free vs hard-wired security cameras: Connectivity

Most smart home gadgets now rely on Wi-Fi rather than a wired Ethernet connection.

Battery-powered cameras like the EZVIZ BC1 are fully wireless, do not need mains power and rely on Wi-Fi for connectivity with the cloud storage locker and smartphone apps.

The cameras themselves are equipped with the longer-range 2.4GHz Wi-Fi standard, which is also better at penetrating walls.

However, if you struggle with whole home connectivity, the EZVIZ Base Station includes a range extender to help ensure constant connectivity with all of your cameras.

The good news is the Base Station, which connects to your router using Ethernet, actually sends out its own Wi-Fi signal to connect to the cameras directly, so it won’t slow down other Wi-Fi devices in your home.

Wire-free vs hard-wired security cameras: Advanced features

Wire-free cameras makers like EZVIZ have developed a reputation for pushing the envelope with advanced features that has the legacy manufacturers playing catch-up.

Many of these features are delivered via the companion smartphone app that enables live view and recordings whether you roam. There’s also the ability to pinch and zoom live or recorded footage to get a closer look.

The EZVIZ BC1, for example, promises two-way talk via the app (so you can let intruders know you’ve spied them lurking in the garden, or converse with the delivery guy) and customisable voice alerts for greetings or deterrents.

Motion detection powered by artificial intelligence can instantly alert users if something untoward has been spotted, but is also smart enough to detect non-human objects so you aren’t bombarded by alerts.

The cameras also deliver an automatic spotlight and can sound a siren if someone is detected at a pre-set time.

Wire-free vs hard-wired security cameras: Installation

Hard-wired cameras aren’t called “hard” for nothing, so most people choose a professional installation, which adds to the cost of any system.

Installation often requires additional wiring run around the home to transmit footage from the cameras to the recording device.

That also means drilling through walls to feed cables to the cameras. For many folks, this professional installation and cabled transmission equates to greater piece of mind.

Battery-powered wire-free cameras like the EZVIZ BC1 are at the opposite end of the scale.

There’s no drilling through the walls and no running additional cables around the home. Most people with a little DIY nous can install the cameras.

The BC1 camera comes with two drilling base options – a traditional screw-based one, which is more suited for outdoor mounting, and a magnetic one, which makes installation inside a breeze.

From there, pairing the cameras with the mobile app and Base Station happens wirelessly and can be achieved in seconds.

The BC1 is also IP-certified protection against the elements, so won’t suffer outages in heavy rain or snow. The EZVIZ BC1 is IP66 rated against dust and water, meaning neither can enter the enclosure in harmful quantities.

Why the EZVIZ BC1 is the perfect wire-free security camera kit for you home

Wire-free vs hard-wired security cameras: Conclusion

Both the traditional hard-wired security systems and the newer battery-powered wire-free cameras have great merit.

Both promise round-the-clock vigilance of your home and family with fail-safes to account to power or internet outages.

Both offer safe and reliable methods for storing the footage (DVR/SD card vs cloud, and sometimes both), alerting you to detected motion, while providing high-quality video imagery with night vision and the ability to zoom in and out on perceived threats.

Battery-powered cameras rely mostly on the companion mobile app to interact with the cameras, which opens-up features like two-way audio and customisable greetings.

Conversely, hard-wired systems tend to focus on the in-house recording device as the hub, but many manufacturers have also added mobile components and cloud storage elements.

While you will have to change/recharge battery-powered systems, the EZVIZ BC1 only requires this once a year. Wire-free cameras are also much easier to install with limited DIY skills and can be tidier than a cabled-approach.

The convenience of battery power and a fast Wi-Fi connection cannot be overstated for those you can bank on the connection.

Buying a EZVIZ BC1

The good news is that it’s super simple to get your hands on a BC1 system.

Available online and offline, through Amazon, Currys and Maplin, there are several bundle options on offer. The EZVIZ BC1 Kits contain two or three wire-free cameras and the Base Station and prices start from £299.99 for a two-camera setup.

You can add up to four BC1 cameras to a Base Station, ensuring that all corners of your house are covered.

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