Funny things to ask Siri at Christmas

Smart ho ho HomeKit... the best commands for your iPhone or HomePod

Funny things to ask Siri this Christmas
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Christmas Day is almost here, which means there's plenty of time to chug some egg nog, wear ugly Christmas jumpers and, of course - the biggest tradition of all - asking Siri some funny Christmas questions. Every household does that, right? Right?

If you want to impress the fam, or just awkwardly laugh at your favorite digital assistant, there are plenty of great Siri easter eggs you can take advantage of, on your iPhone, iPad, or on your HomePod. These range from amusing to downright funny, but they're sure to get some groans too.

(Just don't forget to say Hey Siri first, obviously)

Where does Santa live?

When is Santa coming to my house?

Is Santa coming this year?

What do you want for Christmas?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Please call Santa Claus

Wish me a happy Christmas

Sing me a Christmas song

Sing me a Christmas carol

Does Santa exist?

Kiss me under the mistletoe

Which is the best phone for Christmas?

Tell me a Christmas story

Funny things to ask Siri at Christmas 2019

Making your Christmas 2019 smarter with your connected smart home devices

Christmas is a brilliant opportunity to impress your loved ones with all of your cool smart home gear. We're not just talking about making Siri sing Jingle Bells, we're talking about automations, scenes and other tech tips to take your Christmas experience to the next level.

Take a look at our guide to the ultimate Christmas smart home setup for more information.

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