The best SmartThings compatible devices

Lights, cameras, plugs and more, we pick the top Works with SmartThings tech

Best devices for SmartThings
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So, you’ve made the plunge and set up your smart home with SmartThings. Wise choice (welcome to all you Wink ship jumpers too). While the smart speakers of this world get most of the ink in the smart home space, for a truly reliable, expandable, robust and widely compatible system, SmartThings is the go-to.

SmartThings uses the smart home protocols Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi, the latter through cloud-to-cloud integration or IFTTT workarounds so there are a LOT of SmartThings compatible devices (AKA 'Works with SmartThings'), whether you're using one of the original SmartThings Hubs or the new Aeotec Smart Home Hub.

The advantage of this setup over mostly Wi-Fi-dependent options is: less congestion on your network, local control (so you can still turn on your lights when the Wi-Fi goes down), and much less swapping out of batteries (Wi-Fi is a notorious battery suck).

You also get an almost endless supply of compatible Z-Wave and Zigbee gadgets that will let you outfit your smart home with everything from locks and lights to sensors and cameras and - most importantly - it will all work together.

Plus, as SmartThings is owned by Samsung, we’re beginning to see some useful integrations with smart appliances that no other smart home platform has really matched yet.

But don’t worry, adopting SmartThings doesn’t mean doing away with a smart assistant, it plays well with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart home, and actually gives those systems a much-needed Z-Wave and Zigbee boost. Plus, if you’re all-in on Samsung, there’s Bixby support too.

We covered all the devices made by SmartThings in this guide, so here we’ll be looking at the best third-party devices to pair with your system, those not made by SmartThings.

There are a lot, multiple hundreds, so we going to focus on those that are “Work With SmartThings” certified (meaning no device handlers or workarounds required), devices we have tested, and those that are well-reviewed elsewhere.

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The best SmartThings compatible security camera: Arlo

Best SmartThings compatible camera: Arlo

Buy Now: Amazon | $varies

There are surprisingly few solid, third-party camera integrations for SmartThings, but even if there were more, we’d still pick Netgear’s Arlo as the best.

Arlo has a wide-range of cameras – battery-powered, weatherproof, wired, indoor, outdoor. They're top notch kit - boasting 1080p recording, 130 degree fields of view, night vision, plus there's the option of local back up. SmartThings works directly with the Arlo, Arlo Pro, Q Plus, and Q cameras. Read our full guide to Arlo cameras here.

You do need the Arlo base station (unless you just have the indoor Q cameras), and once you integrate your Arlo cameras into the SmartThings app, you must use the SmartThings app to configure your modes and rules. But the integration means all of your smart devices can work together. For example, if your Arlo camera detects motion, your Aeon Labs siren can trigger.

Ring is the only other “Works With SmartThings” option, but integration is limited to the Ring Spotlight (V1) and the Ring doorbell line, it doesn’t work with the Stickup Cam or the new indoor camera.

The best SmartThings thermostat is Ecobee

Best SmartThings compatible smart thermostat: Ecobee SmartThermostat

Buy Now: Amazon, | $249

A basic Z-Wave thermostat is a good way to go for a SmartThings home, pair it with motion sensors and temperature sensors and you can configure your own Ecobee-style smart thermostat setup.

However, that’s a lot of work when you could just buy an Ecobee thermostat and take advantage of all its built-in smarts, plus it has excellent presence and temp sensors, and works with your SmartThings setup.

The Ecobee 3 Lite ($169) is a great option for a more basic setup without the need for sensors (although it will work with them). Or upgrade to the Ecobee SmartThermostat, which has Alexa built in as well as a presence sensor in the device itself (not the case with the 3), and comes with one sensor included. Read our full review of the SmartThermostat here.

What about Nest? There really isn’t an easy way to integrate Nest with SmartThings, especially since the demise of the Works With Nest program. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Ecobee, the Honeywell T5+ is a good option at $149.

The best SmartThings compatible lock - August

Best SmartThings compatible door lock: August & Yale

Buy Now Yale: Amazon | $199

Buy Now August: Amazon, | From $229

For a long time, if you wanted a smart door lock, Z-Wave and Zigbee were your only options, but with the advent of Wi-Fi powered door locks there’s a lot more choice. If you have a SmartThings home, you want a Z-powered lock. Less battery drain, more reliability, and much more interoperability with the rest of your smart home.

Yale, Schlage and Kwikset all have a wide variety of full-deadbolt replacement smart door locks, we like the Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave or Zigbee. But most of the options here are pretty basic: lock and unlock remotely and connect to Routines is pretty much the extent of the smarts.

yale compatible smart lock

If you want a lock with some more intelligence – including auto-unlocking as you approach the door, the August Smart Lock Pro is a great option. Plus, you can still check your front door status, initiate a lock or unlock and sync your August smart lock with other devices through SmartThings. One complaint about August is it's a bulky device, but if you can wait, August has a smaller WiFi Smart Lock coming out this spring.

Read this: The August smart home guide

Another potential issue with August is it’s a retrofit lock, if you’re looking for a whole new lock with August’s capabilities, Yale – August’s sister company – now has a range of its Assure locks and Lever locks (for interior doors) that have August’s smart’s built in.

The best SmartThings compatible speakers - sonos and bose

Best SmartThings compatible smart speakers: Sonos & Bose

We covered how to connect your Google and Amazon smart speakers to SmartThings in our guide to setting up your SmartThings home, but if you want to use your high-end speakers, your best options are Sonos or Bose’s SoundTouch range.

These speakers integrate more tightly than the smart assistant speakers, as you can do fun stuff like add your speakers to Routines, have them turn on or off at certain times of day, and get them to play short audio files such as doorbells and text-to-speech announcements triggered by other devices - “Front door is open,” “Living room is on fire,” you can even choose custom audio tracks such as dogs barking if an outdoor motion sensor detects motion.

The best SmartThings compatible devices

Best SmartThings compatible smart bulbs: Innr

Buy Now: | $varies

Any Zigbee or Z-Wave bulb will work with SmartThings. Some of our faves include our best smart lighting system pick, Philips Hue, and the inexpensive Sengled Element Plus line, which starts at cracking $12.99. Other options include Sylvania Smart +, Lifx, TP Link, Ikea’s Tradfri line, and pretty much any other Zigbee or Z-Wave bulb.

Our top pick however is Innr. Innr has placed itself as a brand that offers a lot of the great features of the popular Hue, but with a smaller hit to your wallet, with a basic color bulb costing just $29.99.

Zigbee-based, Innr bulbs connect directly to the SmartThings hub and both the bulbs and the smart plug worked seamlessly in our testing, plus the plug (which costs just £39.99 for a 2-pack) also acts as a Zigbee repeater.

Innr offers a wide range of bulb options, see our full review of them here, including white bulbs, color bulbs, candle shaped bulbs, filaments bulbs; as well as light strips, spotlights, recessed lights, puck lights for kitchen cabinets and a whole lot more.

The best SmartThings compatible devices

Best SmartThings compatible smart switch: Inovelli

Buy Now: Inovelli Amazon | from $30

Smart switches negate the need to replace all your bulbs with smart ones, instead wire in a smart switch and control your bulbs the old-fashioned way, as well as through the SmartThings app and using Routines, motion sensors and contact sensors to turn them on and off as you need.

There are plenty of decent Z-Wave switches from trusted brands such as GE and Leviton, and with every option under the sun in terms of diming, paddle, toggle and the likes. These will set you back around $45. A popular option is the always-great Lutron Caseta line, however you need to have a Lutron hub to connect these to SmartThings, a hub one switch and a remote sets you back $99.

The best SmartThings compatible devices

If you want something with a bit more, well smarts, Inovelli’s range of Z-Wave Plus switches are worth a look. Starting at around $30, the Michigan-based company's switches not only turn your lights on and off but they include scene control and notifications (such as “flash if your garage door is left open”), and there’s the option of a lots of colors to fit your home decor, including, red, brown, grey and black. As another bonus there’s neutral wire versions and ones that don’t need a neutral.

And if you want smarts and style, plus you have a bit more cash on hand, consider Hogar Control’s Prima Touch Switch line. These multi-function, modular, capacitive touch switches have a striking three-inch glass design, and are available in white or black glass with a black or gold bezel. There are single, double, triple, and four-button configurations providing on/off, dimming, and scene control. Available in Z-Wave or Zigbee they start at $104 for a 1-touch switch and go up to $134 for the 4-touch.

The best SmartThings compatible zigbee plug

Best SmartThings compatible smart plug (Zigbee): Innr

Buy New: Amazon | £39.99 for two

As well as turning dumb appliances smart, smart plugs can act as repeaters for your Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, so it’s worth choosing a Z-Wave or Zigbee one if you need to “plug” any gaps in your system (i.e. if you have some devices that are having connectivity issues). Remember, Zigbee will only repeat for Zigbee and the same for Z-Wave.

Our favorite Zigbee plug is the Innr (see Smart Lighting), but Ikea’s Tradfri plug is another excellent very inexpensive Zigbee option (£9.99) and you don’t need the Tradfri Gateway to connect to SmartThings.

The best SmartThings compatible devices z-wave

Best SmartThings compatible smart plug (Z-Wave): Aeotec

Buy Now: Amazon | £55

For Z-Wave, we like Aeotec’s Smart Switch 6, it’s a bit pricey at £55, but the LED light around the edge is a great visual indicator and it’s a solidly made Z-Wave Plus plug that won’t block any other outlets – even on a power strip. It also acts as a surge protector so you can feel comfortable plugging in your high-end equipment, and it monitors power consumption.

The best SmartThings compatible devices

Best SmartThings compatible smart sensor: Aeotec

Buy Now: Amazon | £59.99

Smart sensors make your smart home sing. Small, battery-powered devices that can detect triggers such as motion, contact (something opening or closing), temperature, vibration and light levels – they’re excellent for linking devices together (open this door and that light turns on) and for setting up a DIY security system using SmartThings (if any contact or motion sensor is triggered activate that siren).

There are a lot of Z-Wave sensors on the market, and the beauty of SmartThings is that you can mix and match brands to fit your needs and your budget. But our top pick are those made by Aeotec.

The German company is continually innovating in the sensor space - we love its slim line contact sensor that doesn’t stick out into your living room - but the best devices from Aeotec are its multipurpose sensors. While again a little on the pricey-side, these all-in-one devices cover most everything you might want to detect (other than water and contact).

The MultiSensor 6 monitors motion, vibration, temperature, humidity, light and UV levels, plus thanks to a recessed ceiling mount, adjustable mounting arm and the option of powering it with a USB cable, there are multiple ways to fit it into your home.

The Aeotec Tri Sensor is a slightly less expensive option with the same mounting options, and it measures motion, light and temperature.

The best SmartThings compatible devices

Best SmartThings compatible robot vacuum: Samsung’s PowerBot

Buy Now: Amazon | $199 and up

While there is a well-reviewed device handler to get one of our favorite bot vacs, Neato Botvac D7 Connected working with SmartThings, if you want a simpler integration you’ll want to consider one of Samsung’s PowerBot range.

There are a few different options and price points here, but they’re all powerful suckers, plus include intelligent mapping that you can control on your phone. The biggest issue with Samsung’s bots really is that they’re quite tall, so if you have a lot of low-riding, mid-century modern furniture you may need to look elsewhere if you want to get all the dust bunnies.

The best SmartThings compatible devices

Best SmartThings compatible Samsung appliances

Okay, Samsung isn’t really a third party when it comes to SmartThings, but these aren’t SmartThings branded devices, so we’ve decided to cover them here.

SmartThings is one of the few smart home ecosystems to integrate with smart appliances. While Alexa has a microwave and a couple ovens, and Google works with GE’s smart range hood, SmartThings works with an entire product line of appliances, assuming they have a Samsung label on them.

This includes washing machines, dryers, air purifiers, air conditioning units, fridges, vacuums, TVs, pretty much anything Samsung sells these days has Wi-Fi connectivity. In general this means it will connect to your SmartThings app to notify you of its status, problems or provide updates through the SmartThings app, or on any connected screen with a SmartThings interface – such as a SmartThings TV or Samsung’s Family Hub Fridge. For example, the Samsung Smart Oven can be controlled thought the SmartThings app where you can adjust the time, temperature and power for the oven. The Samsung Family Hub will notify your on your Samsung Smart TV if its door has been left open.

A few products have extra smarts built in, and if you want a super smart home these are worth considering:

The best SmartThings compatible devices

Samsung’s top of the line washer/dryer combo the Samsung WF8500V line, has a Laundry Planner that lets you plan when your load will finish cleaning and drying – handy when you need to get out the door in clean clothes. A Laundry Recipe feature lets you input details about your load material, color, dirt levels and it will then recommend the best cycle for your load. The HomeCare Wizard, a feature on all connected Samsung appliances monitors for problems with your machine and make’s recommendations through the SmartThings app for taking good care of your pricey appliance. You can also control it via voice with Bixby using your Samsung phone.

The best SmartThings compatible devices

The Cube air purifier is a new device from Samsung that works through the SmartThings app. Control it remotely and monitor your air quality using SmartThings, plus the Cube is also voice-enabled for voice assistants and comes with Filter Life notification, alerting you to when it’s time to change your filter.

The best SmartThings compatible devices

Best SmartThings compatible smart fridge: The Family Hub

Buy Now: Best Buy | $2799

The Family Hub Fridge, once the butt of many IOT jokes, has taken huge strides forward. In our review of Samsung’s flagship smart fridge, we conclude it’s a genuinely useful addition to your kitchen. Essential? Not yet. But a definite upgrade from a non-smart fridge.

The fridge is designed to manage everything from your groceries and your cooking to your family and your smart home – thanks to the SmartThings app being built into the fridge’s impressive 21.5-inch screen. From here you can control all your devices, as well as get notifications and view live feed from your Ring doorbell. You can also use the fridge’s built in Bixby voice assistant to control your devices with voice – such as ask your fridge to turn on your living room lights on, if you’re into that kind of thing.

A personalized Alexa-style Morning Brief gives you all the deets for your day including calendar, weather and top news. And Bixby knows who is asking thanks to voice ID tech, so each member of the family gets the info they need. All of this appears on the Family Hub screen so they can see as well as hear it.

The best SmartThings TV

SmartThings compatible Samsung smart TVs

A number of Samsung’s smart TVs now have a SmartThings dashboard built in, accessed through an app on the TV. This lets you use the SmartThings app to control and automate your TV, view the channel guide, configure ambient mode settings, and mirror your phone’s screen, as well as include it in Routines, such as set the TV to turn on automatically when you get home from work, and turn it off at night.

You can also use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control the TV if the smart assistant is connected to your SmartThings system, and say things like: “Alexa, turn on Living Room TV,” or “Hey Google, Pause TV.” To see which Samsung Smart TVs are compatible check out this page.

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