Tado essential guide: Everything you need to know

What is the smart AC maker and what do you need to know about its products?

Tado guide: Need to know
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There are plenty of smart thermostats out there, from new players like Nest and Ecobee to established names like Honeywell and Hive. You can also add Tado to the list, though it's also become a big name in smart air conditioning.

Not bad for a company that started way back in 2011 and needed Kickstarter to help jumpstart some of its products. However, the company currently operates in Europe and doesn't yet sell in the US.

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But what exactly does Tado do, and how good are its products for your smart home? That's what this guide is here to help you with, so read along.

Tado: Getting started

Tado is split into two categories: heating and cooling. For the most part, Tado's core features are the same across both sets of devices. The most important of them is Tado's Climate Assistant, which is an AI that learns your behaviour patterns and offers recommendations.

First, the Climate Assistant uses your phone's location to control your AC and heating. So if you're on the way home, it'll rev up that AC. If you're headed out, it'll turn it off. Your location is also built into the smart schedules it can cook up. So it understands that you leave for work at 8 in the morning and come back at about 6.

It also takes into account the weather forecast. So if it's cold outside it'll warm up the inside to the right temperature. Tado's Climate Assistant can also sense what's going on inside your room and make adjustments or recommendations.

For example, it can sense whether the windows are open – that affects how your home heats. It can also detect when a room is getting too hot or humid. It can sense, for example, that your bathroom is getting too humid and recommends action to avoid mould buildup.

Tado essential guide: Everything you need to know

Tado wants to take these recommendations a step further: it's working on building air quality tracking, alongside a service that'll help you book repairs for your heating or cooling system. As its devices can sense when something is going wrong with your system, it can recommend that you book someone to fix it. This is rolling out in the UK and Germany first.

There are also detailed energy reports that let you know how much money you're saving by using a Tado device. This also builds in things like temperature and humidity trends, as well as factoring in when windows were opened and how that impacted your energy performance. It's highly detailed stuff.

For all its smarts, Tado keeps its product lines tight and small. There are only a handful of devices available, and Tado tends to get rid of the old devices when the new ones come in. There's no keeping around older models at a discounted price here. Just pure, simple choice.

Tado: The devices

Smart Thermostat V3

Tado essential guide: Everything you need to know

£199.99, Amazon | tado.com

The latest Tado product is an update to its Smart Thermostat line. V3 comes with multi-room control and a new heating algorithm that should make it more efficient compared to previous models. It's also seen a slight design change that makes it easier to use.

It comes with an internet bridge that connects to your home's Wi-Fi. The bridge links to the thermostat with a radio that lets your phone control everything with the Tado app. It also works with 95% of heating systems, though like Tado's other products it's not available in the US.

If you've got a wireless thermostat you will need an extension kit, but no matter your heating system you'll likely be good to go. There's also the Auto Assist service. You can pay £2.99 to get automated geofencing and open window detection, the latter of which will automatically turn the heating off for 15 minutes to preserve energy. If you don't opt for the service, you'll just get push notifications instead.

As for the smart integrations, you're getting Google Assistant, Alexa, HomeKit and IFTTT support. Then there are the add-ons: you can buy a second thermostat for £119.99 and an extension kit for £89.99.

Smart Radiator Thermostat V3

Tado essential guide: Everything you need to know

£119.99, Amazon | tado.com

Got a radiator but no boiler? The Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat is for you. It's got much of the same features as the Smart Thermostat. You just attach it to your radiator and you're good to go. This lets Tado tell you if there's anything wrong with your thermostat as well.

The starter kit does come with an internet bridge that connects your radiator to your home Wi-Fi, but if you already have one then you can just purchase the Smart Radiator separately for £69.99. Like the main Smart Thermostat, this one also comes with Google Assistant, HomeKit, Alexa and IFTTT support.

Smart AC Control V2

Tado essential guide: Everything you need to know

£159.99, Amazon | tado.com

If you've got an air conditioning unit, the Smart AC Control is the device you need to get. It controls your unit via infrared, just like your unit's remote. That's right, the Smart AC Control is basically a really fancy remote.

It adds all of Tado's smart controls to your air conditioning setup, from using the Climate Assistant to features like geofencing, smart schedules and more. Unfortunately, you can only use the Smart AC with units that work with infrared remotes.

As for smart home support, you don't have as many options as with Tado's heating products, You're getting Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, but you're not getting HomeKit support. Sorry, Apple fans.

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