Apple Music with Alexa: How to play tunes on your Amazon Echo or Fire TV

You can finally use Alexa to control Apple Music

How to use Apple Music on your Echo
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That's right - you can now use Apple Music with Alexa, meaning anybody with an Echo speaker or Fire TV and a subscription to the streaming platform can link the two together.

The digital assistant can be used to play all your tracks with just your voice, and Amazon will even let you make Apple Music the default music service through Alexa.

However, things slightly differently to Spotify and Amazon Music, so follow our guide to learn how to set up and use Apple Music with Alexa.

How to set up Apple Music on Alexa

Setting up Apple Music on Alexa is as easy as setting up other music streaming services. You're just going to need to open up your Alexa app, then just follow these steps:

1. Choose Settings.

2. Click Music.

3. Tap Link New Service.

4. Choose Apple Music.

5. Enable the Apple Music skill.

6. Enter your Apple credentials.

How to use Apple Music on your Amazon Echo

Once you've linked Apple Music and Alexa, this will allow you to use the music streaming service on your Echo and Fire TV devices.

Make Apple Music the default service on Alexa

The next thing you may want to do is make Apple Music your default streaming service. If you do this, you won't need to say things like "Alexa, play Justin Bieber on Apple Music" to ensure it plays on the right service.

1. Go to the Alexa app and open the sidebar menu.

2. Go to Settings, then onto Music.

3. Under Account Settings, you can see a tab titled Default Services - select it.

4. Tick Apple Music on both Default Music Library and Default Station to make it your go-to music platform.

How to use Apple Music with Alexa

As for actually using Apple Music for Alexa, this is also a similar experience to using Spotify and other platforms. You can play your own playlists, which can include music from your iCloud Music Library, as well as Apple Music mixes inspired by your listening habits.

Naturally, you'll also be able to listen to Beats 1 Radio and all its radio shows and mixes, plus all of Apple Music's custom playlists. Obviously, you'll also get free rein over every artist, song, and album available on Apple Music.

Alexa commands for Apple Music

"Alexa, play some Kanye West".

"Alexa, play Today's Hits".

"Alexa, play the album OK Computer".

"Play Beats 1 Radio."

"Alexa, play on Apple Music."

"Alexa, play Kings of Leon on Apple Music."

"Alexa, play my Daily Rotation playlist."

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