How to change Google Assistant voice on Home speakers and Android

Color coded system makes changing your Google Home voice easier than ever

How to change the Google Assistant voice
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We still can't change Google Assistant's name (at least, not officially*) - but we can at least choose how it sounds.

Back in 2018 Google updated the Assistant with a range of different voices on Google Home and other Assistant devices.

The voices are also a proof of concept for WaveNet, an AI voice tool built by Google subsidiary DeepMind to easily take human voices and synthesize them into your Assistant.

If you want to change the Assistant voice, it’s relatively easy to do so, but the process is a little different depending on whether you want to do so on a Google Home smart speaker device or an Android phone.

Below, we walk you through how to do it for your smart home devices and speakers.

How to change Google Assistant's voice

How to change Google Assistant voice on Home speakers and Android

1. Open up the Google Home app and tap Settings.

2. Tap Google Assistant (under Features).

2. Tap the blue text at the bottom that says Manage all Assistant settings.

3. Then hit Assistant Voice.

3. You should now see a row of voices to choose from. Each voice is associated with a color.

The order of the voices is randomised for each user, so don't worry about Google subtly pushing its preference on you. Just make your choice and live your best life.

*If you do want to change the Google wake word / name then there are (somewhat clunky) third-party workarounds. We suggest you look into the likes of the Open Mic+ app if you fancy mixing it up.

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