How to change the location of smart devices in the Google Home app

Moved house? Moved country? Don't leave Google Assistant behind

Change the location of Google Home

Changing the location of your Google Home devices is essential if you're on the move, whether you're jumping into a new house around the corner or emigrating to another country. If you don't, or you don't update the address of the household they sit in, you face being provided inaccurate information by Assistant, and you may even miss out on region-specific features.

Luckily, providing you're setting up in one of the 19 countries where Google Home devices are available to buy, the process for changing the location is fairly straightforward.

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However, be careful - just because Google Assistant is available on your smartphone in a territory, that doesn't necessarily mean the voice assistant will work on a Home device, even if you bought it from a supported country.

Below, we'll clear up any confusion around where Google Home devices work, as well as the easiest way to change both the location of a Google Home device and the location of the wider 'Home' its registered to.

Change household location

How to change the location of Google Home - and which countries are supported

Within the Google Home app, all your devices will sit in a household - which will be tied to the address you set it up with. Not only does this give you a quick view at all the devices in your selected household, but, for those who have a second location with smart devices, you can even create another household and switch between them.

Anyway, if you're moving house and are taking all the same smart devices with you that already live in one of your households, all you need to do is simply change the location and address of your Google Home household. So, there's no need to create an entire new household once you're moved in and register all the devices from scratch.

1. Go to the Google Home app.

2. Hit the Account icon in the bottom left corner.

3. Tap Settings > Home address.

4. Change your address to the new address.

Change device location

How to change the location of Google Home - and which countries are supported

Above is how you change the location of the household a group of your smart devices live in, but below are instructions for when you to want to just move one of your Google Home speakers to another household or a different room within a household.

1. Open the Google Home app.

2. Select the smart device you want to change the location of.

3. Tap the settings icon in the top right corner.

4. If you want to change the household the device is registered to, tap Home. If you want to change the room within the household it's registered to, tap Room.

5. From there, select the household or room you want the device associated with.

How to change the location of smart devices in the Google Home app

Which countries do Google Home devices work in?

The above steps are all well and good if you live in a country where Google Home is supported. However, we understand that group is actually pretty exclusive, especially when compared to Amazon's Alexa (supported in 89 countries).

For reference, these are the territories where Google Home is supported and available to purchase: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, India, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Austria, Korea, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Using Google Home in an unsupported country

Unfortunately, while Google Assistant is available on Android in plenty of countries, the same can't be said for the voice assistant living inside Google Home devices. So, say if you live in Poland, you can have Assistant running on your smartphone, but not on a Google Home device you've pulled in from the US.

The solutions? Well, they're not ideal. The most obvious is to wait it out until Google gets around to supporting Home devices in your country. Unfortunately, this has shown little rhyme or reason, with some rollouts taking place weeks after Assistant hit Android smartphones (for example, in the Netherlands), and some waiting months (again, Poland is still waiting, after receiving Android Assistant language support in January).

Of course, if you're impatient, there's also the option to tinker with location settings in the Google Home app in an attempt to trick it. However, in our experience, this is inconsistent at best, and you're likely to still miss out on services. Unless you already own a device you bought in a supported country and now live in an unsupported country, we wouldn't recommend trying this.

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