How to change the name of your Sonos speakers

Get your sound setup organized

How to rename Sonos speakers

Whether you're streaming music through your Sonos speakers using the Sonos app or you're using AirPlay 2, it pays to have some level of organization.

Because while it can be tempting to speed through the naming process during setup, you'll thank yourself later if you don't. And if you do, or if you've recently done some rearranging, you can still rename your speakers once they're set up.

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There are two ways to do so. One is using the Sonos app - we'll cover that first - but you may also want to rename them in Apple's Home app too if you're going to be using them with AirPlay. So first...

How to change the name of your Sonos speakers

How to rename your Sonos speakers

Remember that with Sonos, you're assigning every speaker to a "room". However, you can also name those rooms whatever you please, so if you'd rather give each speaker their actual name, as opposed to labeling them by their room, you can.

1. Open the Sonos app and tap More (the three dots at the bottom right).
2. Open Settings.
3. Open Room Settings.
4. Select the speaker you want to edit.
5. Under the Room section, tap Room Name.
6. Enter your new name and tap Done.

How to change Sonos speaker name in Home

With the arrival of AirPlay 2 came the ability to control your Sonos speakers using Siri on an iOS device. But to do this, you'll need to firstly have your Sonos speakers set up as "accessories" in the Home app. Check out our guide on setting up Sonos with AirPlay 2 for that info.

Once connected, Siri can play tunes from Apple Music or your local storage on your Sonos speakers (sadly no other streaming services are supported for this feature right now). To change the name:

1. Open the Home app on your iOS device.
2. Either Force Touch the Sonos speaker on the main menu and tap Settings, or tap Edit at the top of the screen and then tap the speaker.
3. Tap on the actual speaker name at the top and it will let you type in the box.
4. You can also assign the room below it.

NB: The Sonos app will pull in names from the Home app, so if you rename a speaker in Home, it should be reflected in the Sonos app the next time you open it. But this does not work the other way around, so be mindful if you change the name in the Sonos app it won't change in Home until you manually do so.

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