How to change the color of your smart bulbs with the Google Home app

Google's update gives added (but still limited) control

How to change smart bulb color with Home app
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It may surprise you to learn that until very recently, you couldn't change the color of your smart bulbs through the Google Home app. Instead you could only go via the bulb brand's app (assuming it supported the feature) or use your voice.

Last year, Google gave its Home app a welcomed overhaul, yet still the ability to change your smart bulb colors was absent. Not so any more, as the company has finally rolled the feature out in its app.

It's time to set the mood.

How to use the Google Home app to change colors

First, make sure your Home app is up to date. Second, make sure your smart bulbs are actually connected and appearing in the app (and that they're color bulbs, obviously). If you haven't already done so, you'll need to set them up. To do that, tap the Add button at the top of the Home dashboard and then tap Set up device. It'll walk you through the process.

Once you're definitely paired and up to date, you can change the color of your smart bulbs by doing the following:

1. Go to the Home dashboard and locate the room your bulb is in. Tap the bulb.
2. Tap the Color box that appears beneath the brightness dial. Select it.
3. You'll see a palette of 42 color options pop up. Select one so a tick appears in the circle, then tap outside of the box to dismiss it.

And that's that. Note that there are only 42 options here, and that's the same no matter which brand of bulbs you're using. You don't get the full RGB control you'll find with Philips Hue or Lifx, so it's a bit more limited, but at the benefit of having one less app to open.

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