How to change the time on your Amazon Echo speaker, Show or Spot

The times, they are changin'

How to change the time on Echo
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Amazon's Alexa is already pretty helpful on a number of Echo devices, and it even comes with exclusive features like Show Mode and multi-room music. But you can make it even more valuable by giving it more information about yourself.

A large part of that is making sure it knows what time it is. This is usually taken care of during setup, but if you move or take your device someplace you may want to do all of this manually. How do you do this? We've got you.

How to change time on Amazon Echo

There are two ways to do this. If you've got an Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot, you can actually do this on your device thanks to that handy touchscreen. Here's how you do it.

1) Swipe down from the top.
2) Tap the Settings cog.
3) Scroll down and choose Device Options.
4) Tap Date & Time.
5) Click Time Zone and choose yours.

The other way to do it is within the Alexa app. This works for whatever Echo device you have on your network, from the Echo Dot to the Echo Plus. As with doing it on-device, it's pretty simple.

How to change the time on Amazon Echo Show and Spot

1) Click the three lines in the upper left corner.
2) Tap Settings.
3) Choose Device Settings.
4) Choose your Echo device.
5) Under General, tap Time Zone.
6) Choose your Country and Time Zone.

Congratulations, you've changed your Time Zone on an Echo device and made it even easier to use. You're kind of like a time traveller, but without the time machine.

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