How to control your Xbox One / Series X / Series S with Google Assistant and Google Home

Forget Kinect and Cortana, Assistant is here to save the day

Connect Xbox to Google Home
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Controlling your Xbox is now easier than ever before, as Kinect and Cortana are usurped for more proven voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

And it's the same story if you've got an Xbox One, or one of the new Xbox Series X or S consoles.

The Google Assistant / Xbox hook-up is now out of the beta period and is official. That means it's easier than ever to get Google's voice assistant powering your Xbox action. It's easy to set up and pair the two, just look at our guide below.

Once you do, you'll be able to ditch the controller (kind of) and begin controlling your Xbox with the power of voice using any Google Assistant-powered speaker - whether that be launching games and apps, grabbing screenshots, or controlling TV and movies.

Be sure to also check out our guide to getting Alexa to control your Xbox.

Connect your Xbox to Google Assistant

Do this first: Enable the Xbox Action for the Google Assistant directly on your Xbox under Settings > Devices & Streaming > Digital assistants.

turn on google assistant xbox series x

After that, it's super simple to get started and connect your Xbox One through your Google Home app.

1. Sign into your Xbox One console.

2. Now, in the Google Home iOS or Android app, tap 'Add' > 'Set up device' > 'Have something already set up?' before searching for 'Xbox'.

3. Sign into the Microsoft account you use for the Xbox.

4. Continue to follow instructions, link the Xbox and name it.

5. Choose the room you want it to appear in, in the Google Home app.

How to control your Xbox One with Google Assistant and Google Home

Top Tip: 'Xbox' is the moniker that will be auto-assigned to your linked console. However, you can rename it and also add additional consoles. So you could have 'Bedroom Xbox', 'Office Xbox' and the like all set up within the Home app.

Google Assistant commands for Xbox One / Series S / Series X

Once you've connected the two devices and you're set up, you're able to control the Xbox with your voice using a Google Home speaker, a third-party Google Assistant speaker, or the app on your phone.

But what do you say? Well, here's some example Google Assistant commands...

Hey Google, turn off Xbox.

OK Google, start Halo Infinite on Xbox.

Hey Google, take a screenshot of that on Xbox.

OK Google, pause on Xbox

Hey Google, launch YouTube on Xbox.

OK Google, turn up the volume on Xbox.

Hey Google, record that on Xbox.

OK Google, take a screenshot on Xbox.

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