How to connect the Wyze Cam and Bulbs to Alexa and Google Assistant

Stream video to your smart display, or have Alexa turn your lights off

Connect Wyze to Alexa and Google Assistant
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Wyze is one of the hot smart home companies to watch right now, offering a range of cheap devices that often seem too good to be true. Its biggest hit so far is the Wyze Cam and the latest model, the Wyze Cam v3, but the new Wyze Bulbs are giving Philips Hue and other established names a run for their money.

The other good bit of news is that Wyze devices work with Alexa and Google Assistant (no HomeKit yet, sorry). And although linking them up isn't the hardest thing in the world, Wyze doesn't explain the process very well in the app.

While the Alexa or Google Assistant integrations aren't as deep as we'd like, the biggest benefit comes in streaming from the Wyze Cam to a smart display or a TV.

If you own an Echo Show, Echo Sport or a Fire TV device, you can ask Alexa to see the live security camera feed. Same with the Google Assistant through Google Smart Displays or a Chromecast-connected device, which includes any TV with a Chromecast dongle.

Below we'll walk you through connecting Wyze devices to both voice assistants; each has a different setup process. But before doing anything, you need to set up your Wyze device in the Wyze app.

That means making a Wyze account even if you plan on solely relying on Alexa/Google Assistant.

How to connect the Wyze Cam and Bulbs to Alexa and Google Assistant

How to connect Wyze to Alexa

To get Wyze and Alexa talking, you'll need to enable the Wyze Alexa Skill. Here's how.

1. Open the Alexa app and tap More down the bottom. Select Skills & Games.
2. Search for "Wyze".
3. Select the Wyze Skill and then tap Enable.
4. Follow the instructions and link your Wyze account, which involves logging in with your credentials. If you're linking a camera, you'll need to give Alexa authorization to access it.
5. Once enabled, you may be immediately prompted to have Alexa discover devices. If not, go back to the menu and select Add Device. It will scan the room and should find your Wyze device(s), at which point you'll be able to select them and assign them to a room.

How to connect the Wyze Cam and Bulbs to Alexa and Google Assistant

How to connect Wyze to Google Assistant

For Google Assistant, it's a bit of a different process. Here's what to do.

1. Open the Google Home app.
2. Tap the + icon (top left) and then choose Set up device.
3. Tap Have something already set up?
4. Search for Wyze and then connect your account by logging in.

At this point the app should automatically connect all of the devices associated with your Wyze account.

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