How to enable and use continued conversations on Google Home

The feature is now live on Smart Displays too

How to use Google's continued conversations
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Smart assistants are awkward conversationalists. Thankfully, things have improved significantly with Google's continued conversations feature, which helps everything flow a little more naturally.

The feature, which first rolled out on Google Home speakers and is now also live on Google's family of Smart Displays, lets you ask the Google Assistant follow-up questions without repeating a "Hey Google".

For example, you could say, "Ok Google, add eggs to my shopping list", followed up with a "And milk too". It just makes these interactions feel a little more... human. Here's how to get it working.

How to enable continued conversations

Continued conversations is an opt-in feature, so it won't magically start working on your Google Home the way some other features do. To switch it on, first make sure your Google Assistant app on either Android or iOS is up to date. Then:

1) Go to Settings
2) Hit Preferences
3) Toggle Continued Conversation to on

It's as simple as that.

How to use continued conversations

Once you've switched it on, it's time to start playing. Test it's working by asking, "Ok Google, what's the weather like today?" then ask, "What'll it be like tomorrow?". Google should retain the context of the conversation and answer the second part no problem.

You can even mix it up a bit. After asking for the weather, try saying, "Remind me to take an umbrella with me tomorrow." In fact, the different queries don't have to be related at all.

But be aware that there's a timeout period: you have eight seconds after making one request to give Assistant a follow-up question. You'll also see the LEDs stay lit up to signify it's still listening. After that time you'll have to start with an "Ok Google" again.

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