Here's how you can get Alexa on your Apple Watch

The omnipresent assistant

How to get Alexa on Apple Watch
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You can now get Alexa on your Apple Watch - well, unofficially.

If your smart home is controlled by Amazon's voice assistant and you'd rather your smartwatch was too, you can now download the $1.99 app Voice in a Can as a workaround.

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Spotted by Wareable, the app lets you use Alexa on the Apple Watch via Wi-Fi or LTE. Just install the app, sync your Amazon Alexa account then you can access it by launching the app from the watch face complication and tapping the icon. Even quicker, you can tweak Siri Raise to trigger Alexa instead.

You can ask Alexa for the weather, directions and news, set reminders and control your smart home devices as you walk around from room to room. The only caveats are that you can't make calls, listen to music/audiobooks or make Alexa Announcements from the Apple Watch app.

Some users have also taken to the App Store to complain that the app is quite slow so don't expect this to be a 100% slick experience.

We are seeing Alexa popping up in more non smart home devices like North's Focals smartglasses but we think it's unlikely an official Alexa app will land on the Apple Watch anytime soon.

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