How to pair your Google Home with better sounding Bluetooth speakers

Sonos what?

Pair Google Home with Bluetooth speakers

Until now, if you wanted to control audio devices wirelessly with Google Home, you had to make sure your device was Google Cast-enabled. You know, like a Chromecast Audio device or something similar. That gave it a disadvantage compared to the Echo series which can pair via Bluetooth and, in some cases, a wired connection.

No more, though, as Google has added support to let you pair your Home device with any Bluetooth speaker. Follow these easy steps to get going.

Pair with a Bluetooth speaker

To get started, turn on the Bluetooth speaker then stick it in pairing mode - probably via pressing and holding a dedicated button on the top or back of the device.

Then all you have to do is head to the Google Home app on your phone, go to Devices (the gadget-y icon in the top right of the screen) and find the Google Home speaker you want to pair.

Hit the three dots (again top right) then Settings. In Paired Bluetooth devices, you can add the Bluetooth speaker. Almost done.

Because you can now set the Bluetooth speaker as your default Google Assistant speaker and then test it out by telling Google to turn on the jams. Go to Device settings, then Default speaker and pick the one you want.

How to pair your Google Home with better sounding Bluetooth speakers

Group more than one speaker

Yes, we said speakers - as in more than one. All you have to do is add a second Bluetooth speaker in a group and you'll automatically enable multi-room audio, voice controlled by the Google Home smart speaker.

So, just like a Sonos system, you can walk from room to room and they'll all play the same thing so that you don't miss a melody or word of your podcast.

If you haven't set up Google Assistant groups yet, in the Google Home app, go to Devices then hit the three dots in the top right of the menu card for your Bluetooth speaker.

Tap 'create group' then name it. You can then tick other speakers you want to add to the group.

Chat to Google Home, listen via Bluetooth

The new feature works across the Google Home family, all the way from the cute Mini to the powerful Max. Obviously, this feature is probably most going to benefit Mini owners, as Google's tiny smart speaker doesn't deliver a great performance in sound quality.

Be aware that all your Google Home's audio will route through your Bluetooth speakers if you do this. So if you ask for the weather, your Bluetooth speakers will play the answer - not your Google Home.

You will still have to actually speak to the Google Home too, as your Bluetooth speakers can't hear your commands and route them through the Home.

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