How to reset your Lifx bulb

Factory reset your bulbs ready for pairing with a few flicks of a switch

How to reset your Lifx bulb
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If you’re the owner of a Lifx smart bulb, at some point you might find you need to reset it. We’ve had to reset our Lifx A19 before when it stopped working – and being recognised by the Lifx app.

Likewise, if you’re giving your bulb to someone else, or moving it to a different house or wireless network, resetting might be the simplest option.

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But how do you reset a light bulb? Well, understandably it’s not done via the app – so if you are having issue pairing your bulbs, you can still wipe settings and return it to its factory state.

How to reset your Lifx bulb

How to reset a Lifx Colour 800/900/1000 A19 & BR30 bulb

To reset, follow these simple steps:

1. Starting with the bulb powered on, power cycle the bulb five times, and then wait a few seconds. Just turn it off and back on five times.
2. It should start flashing. The colours will depend on your individual bulb – when it’s finished cycling, the unpairing is done.
3. Head back to the Lifx app and start a new setup process, with the bulb powered on.

How to reset your Lifx bulb

How to reset the Lifx A21 Original bulb:

What about other kinds of Lifx bulb? Well, if your bulb needs resetting it’s likely it could be the original Lifx. This is what you do:

1. Turn power off to the bulb.
2. Look for the reset switch and flick to the opposite position. Once you move the switch the bulb is reset, and you don't need to flick it back over.
3. Turn the bulb back on. It should cycle red, green and blue – then settle on white.
4. Now you can run through the setup procedure for the bulb.

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