How to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV

All those downloaded movies and TV shows don't have to go to waste

How to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV
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Amazon’s Fire TV is one of the best-fed TV platforms out there, but what about that library of digital files you spent oh-so-many years amassing? Are you just going to let Hulu, Netflix and HBO laugh in the face of all your hard work?

Kodi is a free and extremely popular open-source media player, which can be used as a hub for all your downloaded movies, TV shows, music and even games. You might have once known it by the name XBMC Media Center... yeah, didn't quite have the same ring to it, did it?

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Sadly, you can't just download Kodi from the Fire TV app store - but there is another way. There are three parts to this process. Here's what you need to do..

1. Enable apps from unknown sources

First of all, you need to . But please be aware that by enabling this you're opening up your Fire TV to potential malware and harm from third-party apps. We don't intend to install anything dangerous here, but Amazon has warned that allowing apps from unknown sources does pose a security risk, so just be certain you're aware of what you're doing.

How to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV

Got that? Ok, here's what you need to do.

1. Go to Settings.
2. Scroll right to My Fire TV.
3. Go to Developer Options.
4. Select Apps from Unknown Sources.

This is the point you'll get a pop-up warning you of the risks associated with opening up to unverified apps. Tap Turn On if you're Ok to proceed.

How to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV

2. Install the Downloader app

Next, you need a way to download Kodi - and for that you'll need a different app (sorry). Do the following...

1. Head back to the Fire TV home screen and select the Search feature - that's the magnifying glass to the far-left (it's faster than browsing).
2. Search for Downloader.
3. It should be the first result that appears. Download it, then open it.
4. You'll be asked if you want it to access your media files. You do.

How to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV

3. Install Kodi from Downloader

Ok, home stretch now. Downloader is open and you should see a space to enter a URL.

1. Enter the following URL:
2. It should load up Kodi's download page. Use the directional buttons to drag the icon down the page like a mouse.
3. Stop where you get to the section titled 'Choose your weapon'.
4. You want to select the Android icon.
5. On the next page, scroll down and select the ARMV7A (32BIT) release. People have generally found this to be the most stable version.
6. On the next page you'll be prompted to click Install.
7. Once it's done installing, you can either tap Done to quit or Open to boot up Kodi right away.

And that's the process. Congratulations, you're now playing with Kodi.

How to actually use Kodi with Fire TV

Kodi works like Plex and other media-share devices - but with the benefit of being totally free We're not going to get into the weeds of it here, but to get your files working you'll need to host them on a "server" in your home - i.e. another device where the files are kept. Alternatively you can use an external drive with some Amazon Fire TV devices, but check first if yours is compatible.

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