How to migrate your Nest account to Google

Works with Nest is dying; jump ship before it's too late

How to migrate Nest account to Google
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Back in May, Google announced it was killing the Works with Nest platform, with the service shutting down at the end of August 2019.

That’s obviously here now and, as such, Google is encouraging Nest device owners – those with smart thermostats, cameras, smoke detectors, and more – to migrate their Nest accounts over to Google.

Although Google has loosened its stance that all Works with Nest integrations will stop working immediately, it has warned users that if they don't migrate to a Google account they’ll miss out on features like suspicious activity detection, 2-Step verification and security checkup; as well as a less faffy way of getting your Nest devices working with other Google services – think camera footage on a Home Hub or Android TV, for example.

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However, if you do move over to a Google account, your Works with Nest connections will stop working straight away and you won’t be able to revert back – something IFTTT has already warned people about.

Therefore, before migrating you might also want to check what other Works with Nest integrations you have to make sure it’s definitely the right move for you. You can do this by going to the Works with Nest section of your Nest app.

If you’re happy to go ahead and migrate to a Google account, it’s pretty straightforward; especially as you’ve more than likely already got a profile with the search giant.

Here’s how:

1. Tap the settings cog from the Nest app
2. Tap Account
3. Choose Migrate to a Google Account
4. Select Continue with Google
5. Sign in with your Google Account

How to migrate Nest account to Google

Now, follow the steps to review and disconnect any existing Works with Nest connections and then to merge your Nest Home with your Google Home (if you already had one set up).

At this point, if you share your Nest account with family members you will need to re-invite them. It's important to note that anyone you give access to your unified Google Nest Home will have the same level of access and control as you – this mean they can remove you from the home, so choose wisely!

Finally you need to agree to Complete migration (there's still an option to say No thanks and bail on the whole thing).

That's it, you're done.

While Google has said it's working with some Works with Nest partners to migrate their integrations over to its Works With Google platform, as of now the only one that has migrated is Alexa's. So you can still view your Nest camera feeds on your Echo Show and ask Alexa to adjust your thermostat (there's still no Nest Guard integration). If you want to use Alexa with your Google Nest gear you'll need to head over to the Alexa app and enable the new Google Nest skill.

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