​Multiple Alexa accounts: How to create household profiles and use Voice Profiles

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Mastering Alexa Household Accounts
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If you've got your entire family hooked on the Alexa experience, the good news is that your smart speaker supports Household Profiles, meaning you can have Alexa recognise who's speaking to it.

Few people realise that their smart speaker is capable of delivering personalized experiences to individuals in the home, and Amazon is developing a host of new features which will build on these themes.

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Google Home has led the way in terms of voice matching to different profiles, but Amazon is catching up. If you’re looking to create user profiles for those in your home, there’s plenty to get started with.

Alexa Household Profiles

The key personalisation feature here is called Household Profiles. This enables you to essentially have different users with different profiles, which you can swap between on your Amazon Echo device as needed.

Don't confuse this with Amazon Household, which is for family members sharing Prime, Kindle and other Amazon content with one another.

Why use Alexa Household Profiles?

These are most useful in homes where perhaps everyone isn’t a family member – shared housing, university digs – and situations where you might want to use your own Amazon account.

This is especially useful for shopping, where you might want to add items to your own shopping list, not that of your housemate.

There are some other nifty tricks, too. You can use Alexa Household Profiles to get around the issue of sharing Spotify accounts. While you can’t use multiple Spotify accounts on one Alexa profile, you can if you swap Amazon accounts altogether.

How to change your Alexa Household Profiles

To add additional accounts, follow these steps:

1. Head into Alexa app.

2. Hit the menu icon at the top left.

3. Navigate through Settings > Alexa Account > Amazon Household.

4. Alternatively, log in to alexa.amazon.co.uk or alexa.amazon.com and head to Settings, scroll down to the Alexa Account section and hit Household Profile.

Once you've added more than one profile, you can switch manually with, "Alexa, switch profile," or something similar.

If you're not sure which profile you're using, just say "Alexa, which profile am I using?", and it'll let you know.

There's also Alexa Voice Match, which will automatically switch profiles for certain features. These select features are music via Amazon Music, messages, calls, shopping and your Flash Briefing. For everything else, you'll have to manually switch profiles.

Multiple Alexa accounts: How to create household profiles and use voice profiles

What are Alexa Voice Profiles?

It took a while to catch up with Google, but Alexa Voice Profiles are active in both the US and UK. Training Alexa to recognise your voice is a simple exercise, parroting back phrases before you can start assigning certain features to your voice alone.

Personalized calling and messaging

While Spotify generally gets the same treatment as Amazon Music in the Alexa experience, Amazon’s own service benefits from voice match. If you’re the proud owner of an Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, you can train your voice, and then assign it to a member within your account.

Then again, if the words "Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan" are all Greek to you, it might be worth checking out our guide to Amazon Music, which should shed some light.


Likewise, shopping greatly benefits from the voice match feature. Training your voice will enable you to confirm purchases just using your voice, and stop the kids from adding 100 unicorns to your shopping basket, just for chuckles.

Flash briefing

We all have different interests, so Alexa will tailor flash briefings to your voice. What’s more, if your partner has heard the headlines but you haven’t, it will know that you’re yet to be caught up on key news stories and repeat them for you. Likewise, if you’ve already heard the news of the day, Alexa won’t bombard you with the same content twice.

How to create an Alexa Voice Profile

Follow the steps below to set up your Voice Profile:

1. Head to your Alexa app and go to Settings.

2. Tap on Alexa Account and then Recognized Voices.

3. Choose Your Voice.

4. Tap Begin.

5. Complete the checklist.

6. Go to your Echo device and say "Alexa, learn my voice".

7. Follow Alexa's instructions.

How to create a second Voice Profile

Obviously the above is great, but Voice Match comes into its own when more than one person is using Alexa on a daily basis. Here’s how to get a second user set up using:

1. Have your second person install the Alexa app on their smartphone.

2. They should sign in with the same Amazon ID and password as you.

3. They should then choose ‘I’m someone else” from the list.

4. Repeat steps above, to train Alexa to recognise their voice.

How to delete an Alexa Voice Profile

If you ever need to delete a Voice Profile, do the following:

1. In the Alexa app, go to Settings.

2. Tap on Alexa Account and then Recognized Voices.

3. Choose Your Voice.

4. Tap Delete my voice.

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