How to set up a guest skill for Amazon Echo speakers

Now your guests can use your Echo and leave you alone

How to set up guest skill for Echo speakers
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Having a houseful of guests can be a lot of work. As a host, you've got to make sure they feel at home and quickly and easily understand where things are and how your home or guest bedroom works.

Maybe you just have a lot of friends and family that visit, or perhaps you're an Airbnb host that rents out your room or home often. Either way, you can use your Amazon Echo device to help you out and make your life a lot easier. Here's how you do it.

How to set up a guest mode for Amazon Echo speakers

Build that guest skill

Unfortunately, there is no full-on guest mode for Amazon Echo, unlike Google Home which does have a useful guest mode that'll protect all your information from your guest. But you can tune Alexa to help your guest out while they're around.

You'll have to use Amazon Blueprints, the company's easy way to build your own Echo skills, to create your guest skill.

This is a little work but in the long run it can actually provide a good experience for your guest. That's because you can customise your skill to your home and your needs. To get started, you'll need to head to

  • From the home page, scroll down to At Home.
  • Click Houseguest
  • Click Make Your Own.

From here, you'll need to choose what you want Alexa to share about your home. You're going to have to hunker down and really think about what someone unfamiliar with your home would want to do.

Do you not have traditional cable, instead living life as a cord cutter who uses a Roku or Apple TV to watch TV? You can put that information in the "How to do things" section. Let's run you through how to set that up.

  • Scroll to the How to Do Things section.
  • Type Watch TV in the Task section.
  • Write out how to watch TV in steps.
  • Add an optional note like "We've cut the cord".

You'll also have to fill out the other two sections, Contact and where to find things. If you're teaching someone how to watch TV, it's also worth telling them where the remote is and what it looks like. You can follow the above steps to create those skills. Once you do that, click on "Experience" up in top right corner of the page.

Now you'll have to customize the experience, which basically means telling Alexa what to say when the skill opens up. You'll need to write a main intro message, and then fill in three other random messages.

How to set up a guest mode for Amazon Echo speakers

These are important because they give your skill some personality. So go wild, be you, and have some fun. If you don't get guests often, you can even come back and customise them to your guest's name and such.

After that, you'll also need to write an exit message when the guest stops using the skill. Finally, you'll simply need to name your skill. Once you do that, you can create your skill. Once that's done, you'll be able to use it on your Echo device.

Starting the guest skill

Boom, your guest mode skill is created. It'll take a couple of minutes, but once it's completed you should go ahead and test your skill just to make sure it works the way you want it. Plus, maybe in execution your ideas or setup doesn't quite work the way you thought it would.

You can get your guest mode skill started by simply saying "Alexa, open My Houseguest" or whatever else you named your skill. Once you do that, you can ask things like "how do I watch TV" or whatever else you set up.

Just make sure to let your guests know how to start up the houseguest skill. You'll be the coolest host they've ever had.

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