How to set up Lifx smart bulbs with Google Assistant

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How to set up Lifx bulbs with Google Home
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If you're living in a Google-powered home and you've gone for Lifx smart lighting, there's a couple of quick ways you can set things up and start using them with voice, Google Home app and onscreen smart display controls.

Here's what you need to know to avoid any faff.

How to add Lifx to Google Home

There's a couple of ways you can set up Lifx with your Google Assistant. The simplest for most people is to add Lifx in the (redesigned) Google Home app.

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Before you do that (and once the smart bulbs are screwed in and turned on) you have to download the Lifx app for your iOS or Android device, create an account and go through the motions of setting up the smart bulbs there.

Then download/open the Google Home app on your phone. Hit the big '+'/'Set up device' button on the Home screen but don't just click 'New devices' – you might have some trouble getting the Home app to find the lights (plus it can take longer). Instead, it's quicker to choose 'Works with Google' and link the Lifx service there.

Just scroll down and find it in the list. Once you find it, you'll be asked to log in and Google will automatically find all the bulbs you've set up, not just one at a time – eg '3 devices'.

To unlink it again, just go to 'Set up' and 'Works with Google', select the service and choose 'unlink service'.

Now, you can add the Lifx smart bulbs to a Room so you can use voice commands like "Hey Google, turn all the living room lights off." You'll probably already have individually named them in the Lifx app and these names will be moved over into the Google Home app.

How to add Lifx with voice

Alternatively, you can also now use the voice command "Hey Google, sync my lights" to replace much of the app process above. You do need to have already created and set up your Lifx account (which it refers to as a cloud account) on your smartphone first though.

Once you've completed one of those methods, you can start controlling your Lifx smart light bulbs via voice controls, from the Lifx app, the Google Home app or Google Assistant smart displays (pull down from the top of the screen to access your smart home controls).

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