How to set up multi-user accounts on Apple TV

Finally, everyone can have their own profile on Apple TV

How to set up profiles on Apple TV
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Multi-user support has been a long time coming to Apple TV, and with the arrival of tvOS 13 it's here - you can finally create individual profiles for every member of your house.

Just like those profiles you have on Netflix, profiles on Apple TV means everyone can now get their own Up Next list and have relevant film, TV, and music recommendations pop up (no more The Bachelor being recommended to your 10 year old, or Descendants 3 popping up when you're looking for a good movie).

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One thing to note is that you can't, currently, customize the home screen for each profile - everyone has to share the same apps. If you delete an app from one profile it will be gone from all the others, and if you download an app on one profile it will appear on all profiles.

Here's how to set up and add multiple profiles to your Apple TV.

How to set up multiuser accounts on Apple TV

How to add profiles to Apple TV

Whoever first set up the Apple TV will already have their profile on there, to add another profile each person will need to have an Apple ID already set up.

If you are adding children, make sure you create their Apple ID as a child account under your parent account (do this in Settings on your iPhone or iPad), that way you can set parental controls (see below) for them.

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Once you have all your Apple IDs in hand, follow these steps to add multiple users to your Apple TV.

1. Click on Settings on the Home screen.

2. Choose User and Accounts.

3. Select Add New User.

4. Choose Add User to This Apple TV in the dialogue box that appears.

5. Enter the Apple ID email of the user to be added and select Continue.

6. Enter the password - and follow the two-factor authentication process (if it's been set-up - you'll need an iPhone or other Apple device handy for that).

7. Repeat for every profile you want on the device.

8. You're done, now you can switch between the different profiles in the Control Center.

How to switch between profiles on Apple TV

Once you have all your users set up, switch between the different profiles by pressing and holding the TV button on the Apple Remote.

A Control Center slides out on the right of the screen where icons for each profile appear for easy switching. Just scroll to the one you want and select it.

Using child profiles on an Apple TV

While you can't set Parental Controls on the Apple TV just to a child profile (all the settings will apply to all users), if you have an Apple ID with a child profile associated with it, any parental restrictions you've set up on that will carry over to the TV platform.

This means they'll have to request permission from a designated Parent/Guardian to download apps, rent movies, and so on on the Apple TV, just as they do on the iPhone or iPad..

If you need to set up parental controls, check out this support article from Apple.

Multi-user support on the Apple TV is a great improvement on an already excellent streaming box.. Next, we'd love to see individual profiles come to the iPad.

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