How to turn your Nest Secure into a Google Assistant speaker

Your alarm system is now a speaker

How to use Google Assistant on Nest Secure
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Ever since Nest was folded into Google, the two companies have been working on collaborations that makes Nest's devices work better with Google Assistant, the latest of which turns your Nest Secure alarm system into a Google Assistant speaker.

It just so happens that the Nest Guard, the Nest Secure's base station, has always had an on-device microphone that was never turned on (sneaky, sneaky). To get Google Assistant up and running on the Nest Guard, you'll have to turn on that mic and link some accounts.

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You can pretty much do what you expect from Google Assistant on the Nest Guard. You can get real-time information, control smart home devices - including arming, but not disarming, Nest Secure - manage tasks, and add items to your shopping list.

Security base stations tend to be in a central location near your front door, so it actually makes for a good location for a smart speaker. It'll be useful to do things on your way out the door somewhere, like checking the weather or setting a quick reminder.

Setting it all up is pretty simple, too. You'll need to get started in the Nest app.

Nest Secure now doubles as a Google Assistant speaker - here's how to set it up

How to set up Google Assistant on Nest Secure

1) In the Nest app's home screen, press the cog in the upper right corner.
2) Select Security.
3) Tap on your Guard.
4) Choose Add Google Assistant.
5) Follow the instructions.

You'll need to accept some permissions, and then you'll be booted out to the Google Assistant app. If you don't see the Add Google Assistant option in the Nest app, you'll need to make sure your Nest app and Nest Guard are up to date with the latest software updates.

You can also add your Nest Secure's status to your routines. So if you say something like "Hey Google, I'm leaving" it'll automatically arm your system and turn off your lights.

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