How to use Alexa and Google Assistant in the bathroom

Rubber ducky's gonna have to step aside

How to use Alexa and Google in the bathroom
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The bathroom probably won't be the first room you'll think to put a smart speaker in, but that doesn't mean it won't happen down the line.

Whether you've set up an Alexa or Google Assistant household, here are some ideas on how to use a voice assistant in the bathroom – whether it's bath time with the kids or getting a news blast while you get ready for work.

Choose your shower speaker carefully

You'll probably want something battery powered and wireless, for starters, and there's now much more choice including the JBL Link series with Google Assistant.

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And depending on where you place the speaker, you might also want to go for something splashproof, like the Tichome Mini. A more compact speaker also makes more sense – you can pay more for audio quality in the living room.

Voice control music and podcasts

Once you've chosen, you can listen to music from services like Spotify and Prime Music, digital radio stations, podcasts and audiobooks in the shower or bath – all without getting your phone wet to skip tracks or adverts. Plus if you've got smart lights like the designed-for-bathrooms Philips Hue Adore range in there, you can brighten or dim the lights with your voice.

Set up a morning routine

The bathroom could be a good place to get your morning news/weather/calendar blast if you've not already incorporated that into your bedroom smart alarm. Just get going with Alexa or Assistant Routines and that means you can say "Alexa, good morning" or "Hey Google, good morning" before you start brushing your teeth, ready to start up your customised morning briefing.

How to use Alexa and Google Assistant in the bathroom

Get life admin done hands free

It almost goes without saying but, like the kitchen, having a voice assistant in the bathroom means you can get shit done without having to tap on your phone. So you could send text messages saying you'll be late, book an Uber, set reminders and timers and do things like turn on your smart thermostat, all while applying make-up, dyeing your hair, shaving your legs, trimming your beard etc.

Make bathtime more fun

If you've got kids, bathtime could be a great chance to entertain them with voice commands like "Alexa, play animal noises" or "Hey Google, sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". When kids get old enough, they'll be able to chat to the voice assistants themselves but either way, you'll have a captive audience. The Kids Karaoke Alexa skill has a good selection of nursery rhymes and classics.

How to use Alexa and Google Assistant in the bathroom

Teach kids good hygiene habits

Another one for families – the Bathroom Buddy skill for Alexa can help to teach kids to brush their teeth and wash their hands properly. You can set a timer for brushing teeth, ask to be sung to while you wash your hands and get info on brushing, flossing, washing and more. Plus there are some "Mirror, Mirror" Easter Eggs to try too.

Turn the shower on

This one requires you to have the $375 U By Moen smart shower so it won't be for everyone. If you go all in, you'll be able to ask Alexa to turn the shower on and set it to the right temperature, all via voice from in the bathroom or elsewhere in the house. Likewise, if you have Kohler's Konnect smart bathroom suite (US only for now) you can even ask Alexa to change the temperature of the toilet seat.

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