How to set up and use Google Assistant with Siri Shortcuts on iPhone

Hey Siri, Ok Google

How to use Google Assistant with Siri

It seems 2018 has turned into the year of digital assistant collaboration. Alexa and Cortana work together seamlessly, and now Google Assistant is teaming up with Siri – kind of.

Google has updated its Assistant iOS app to work with Siri Shortcuts. That means that you can use Siri to bring up Google Assistant. It's a bit awkward, sure, but it works. The question, of course, is how to actually use it.

How to use Google Assistant with Siri Shortcuts

What can you do with Google Assistant on Siri Shortcuts?

What you can do depends on how you use Google Assistant. The neat trick here is that you can create a shortcut for any query you have with Google Assistant. I'll explain.

Say the last three things you asked Google Assistant in the iOS app were, "Turn off the bedroom light", "What's the weather?" and "How do you say hello in French?" When you head into the Shortcuts app to set up your Google Assistant Shortcut (we'll get to this in a bit, don't worry), you'll be able to create a Shortcut for each one.

This basically means you'll have to create a Shortcut for each specific action you want Google Assistant to take. If you want to use Google Assistant to run a Routine, or check the weather, or whatever else, you need to create a specific Shortcut.

Then there's the more general, "Hey Siri Ok Google" command, which just opens up the Google Assistant app, ready for you to ask whatever you want.

Also, keep in mind that these Shortcuts can only be used on iPhones and iPads with the Shortcuts app installed. We tried to replicate our Google Assistant Shortcuts on our Mac and were met with a snarky Siri. Right now it doesn't work with the HomePod.

How to use Google Assistant with Siri Shortcuts

How to set up Google Assistant with Siri Shortcuts

There are two ways to set up Google Assistant with Siri Shortcuts. The first way is absurdly easy, while the second one is just a tiny bit more involved. They both essentially allow you to do the same thing: instantly use Google Assistant.

First, make sure your Google Assistant app is updated. Once you do that, just open up the app. Right up at the top of the app you'll see a new box that says, Add "Ok Google" to Siri.

Click on the Add to Siri button and you'll be taken to a new screen that'll want you to dictate the Siri phrase to activate Google Assistant. You can use what you like, but if you want to preserve the Google Assistant experience you can just say, "Ok Google" or, "Hey Google". You can even use "Yo Google" if you want to get wild.

The other way to set everything up is to use the Shortcuts app in iOS.

1. Open the Shortcuts app.
2. Click the Library tab.
3. Tap Create Shortcut.
4. In the search bar, type Google Assistant.
5. Click Hey Google.
6. Tap the toggle button under Done in the top right corner.
7. Select Add to Siri.
8. Tap the red button and create your command.
9. Click Done. Then click Done again.

Congrats, you're all ready to Google Assistant with Siri.

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