Full Google Assistant support arrives for Abode smart security system

Will HomeKit be next?

Abode gets friendlier with Google Assistant

Google's smart home ecosystem has an impressive list of integrations under its belt considering its young age, however some are frustratingly limited. For example, the Abode smart home security system integration with Google Assistant could only control lights, switches or plugs connected to Abode's Z-Wave and Zigbee-enabled hubs. Not very helpful when trying to protect your home.

Today however, Abode's Gateway and Iota hubs are getting full Google Assistant support, including the ability to arm or disarm the system by saying “Ok Google, arm Abode to away mode” and “Ok Google, disarm Abode,” as well as lock and unlock any connected locks or garage door controllers. (Disarming your system or unlocking anything requires a security code.)

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You can also now use Google Assistant to query the status of any door/window sensors and smart locks connected to the system "Hey Google, is the front door unlocked?" and "Hey Google, is the bedroom window closed?" However, integration with Alexa is more robust here, as you can use Abode's sensors to trigger Alexa Routines, something you can't do with Google Assistant.

A much-welcomed new feature, which Alexa doesn't have, is the ability to view live streams from supported cameras (including the Abode Iota's built-in camera) on your Nest Hub. You can't currently do this on the Echo Show.

“Abode’s updated Google Assistant integration is a perfect example of our unwavering commitment to advancing our system and working harmoniously with the partners we share the space with,” said Chris Carney, CEO for Abode. "As new features and functionality become available to us, we will continue to update all of our integrations and partnerships.”

Does this include the long-promised HomeKit, we asked? Soon they said, soon.

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