AirPlay 2 arrives on Sonos speakers, bringing Siri control with it

Sonos is the first third-party speaker to get AirPlay 2 support

AirPlay 2 is now live on Sonos speakers
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AirPlay 2 has finally arrived for Sonos users, letting iOS devices control music playback and muti-room setups on compatible speakers.

Those compatible speakers include the Sonos One, second-generation Play:5, Playbase, and the new Sonos Beam. Sadly older devices don’t get the support due to a lack of power, says Sonos. Older speakers will work with AirPlay 2 when paired with any of the newer ones, however.

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AirPlay 2 support also means you can use Siri to control music on your Sonos speakers, and although it's not as integrated as it is on the HomePod, you can use the assistant to skip tracks, change volume etc.

Also, if you add your Sonos speakers into the Home app, you can assign a room and name, which will let you use Siri to target playback on specific speakers. So you could say, "Siri, play Beats 1 in the living room" and have it start from your living room Sonos One, if that's how you've set it up.

The update lets Sonos speakers play nicely with HomePod too, as you’ll be able to create a multi-room setup that weaves in Apple's own speaker. Also worth mentioning that as Alexa is compatible with Sonos, you can use it here to control playback over AirPlay 2 and ask what's playing.

To get AirPlay 2 you'll first need to make sure the Sonos Controller app is updated. Then head to the More tab in the app where you should see a notification prompting you to update your Sonos system.

AirPlay 2 will be coming to other speakers later this year, including those from Bose, Bang & Olufsen, and Pioneer.

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