launches a completely touch-free video doorbell

Button begone, this smart doorbell knows when you have a visitor Touchless Video Doorbell
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It’s hard to surprise us in the doorbell space, but has done it with its touchless doorbell. Designed for the COVID age, the doorbell activates your indoor chime when a visitor stands on the doormat - so you can have a completely touch-free interaction.

It’s not doing this with motion detection as you would expect (most of the time people don’t ring our video doorbell and we still get a motion alert), what it’s doing is using “rapid and accurate person detection.” This means you won’t get a chime when a cat wanders up. launches Touchless video doorbell

Beyond this unique feature, all the essential smart doorbell options are on board. A 150-degree vertical field of view gives you that head-to-toe aspect and 1080p Full HD resolution, HDR imaging, and infrared night vision make sure you'll be able to see who is there no matter the light levels.

There’s also two-way talk capability, as well as live video and saved clip viewing on the app or website.

Another interesting innovation is an onboard heater for low temperature operation. It also integrates with smart home systems so you can unlock the door and disarm your system from the doorbell screen in the app. launches Touchless video doorbell

What’s not clear is if you have to have that ugly doormat, or if you can dispense with the slightly scary Do Not Touch sticker on the doorbell.

The Touchless Video Doorbell will be available from its professional security service providers for $200.

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