You can now cast your music from your phone to your Alexa device

It's now easier to transfer your playlist

You can now cast your music to your Echo

If you're big in the world of Amazon, one of the tad annoying things is that it isn't the easiest thing in the world to listen to a playlist on Amazon Prime Music, come home, and then instantly pick up where you left off on your Echo speaker.

That's now changing, as Amazon has introduced a new feature called Alexa Cast. As the name suggests, it works a lot like a mix between AirPlay and Chromecast. Basically, when you're listening to your Amazon Music on your phone, it'll let you cast your playlist to your Echo device so that you can continue listening seamlessly.

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You will, however, need to be an Amazon Music listener. So if you've got either Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon Prime Music you'll be good to go. You just need to update the Amazon Music app, which is now available, and then you can get to casting.

Once you've updated the app, head to the "Now Playing" section and look for the Alexa Cast icon. Click that and you'll get a look at all your available Alexa devices. Select the device you want to cast on and - voila - you're good to go.

And oh, you can switch back to voice controls and not have a problem. The Amazon Music app will match the commands and progress of your voice commands.

This is a nice upgrade for the Alexa ecosystem, nicely matching what's possible for Google and Apple Home users. It's not hard to see that Amazon could also expand this to, say, Fire TV. Maybe you're watching The Tick on your iPad's Amazon Prime Video app and want to switch to the big screen, so you cast it to your Fire TV Cube.

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  • J76578

    So I'm in the Amazon Music app on my mobile (cell) phone. I look at my list of devices available to cast to. Sure my Amazon Echo speaker is there and this works fine. Why isn't my Fire TV in the list? My Fire TV is an Alexa enabled device. My Fire TV is also in the Alexa app. I've searchedrched the web and can't find a way to add the Fire TV to my cast list. This would be really useful as controlling playback of Amazon Music on my Fire TV would be much easier than using the remote and would also allow continuity of playback. Is there a solution?

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