Alexa Conversations will aim to make your chats with the assistant more natural

Linking commands together will see you say "Alexa" less

Amazon announces Alexa Conversations
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Amazon has been showing off how it’s going to make Alexa much easier to talk with new Alexa Conversations technology.

Over at the re:Mars conference, the company announced how it’s set to enable users to blend conversations together. And yes, that finally means you don’t have to keep saying “Alexa” over and over. And, even better, it’s not just going to be limited to core Alexa features.

Alexa Conversations is set to roll out to developers – so you can even switch between multiple skills. That means turning the lights on and closing the blinds could be done naturally, without the need for multiple triggers or having pre-determined a routine.

It’s pretty similar to Google Assistant’s Continued Conversations, which was announced way back at I/O 2018.

“Now, we have advanced our machine learning capabilities such that Alexa can predict customer’s true goal from the direction of the dialogue, and proactively enable the conversation flow across skills,” the company said.

And Amazon is using machine learning to make it easier for developers to code. Once developers have declared actions and a set of examples, Alexa can mimic that for other actions, essentially doing the hard work so devs don’t have to manually code every possible Alexa Conversation – which would essentially negate the smartness.

So, when will we see this utopia of connected, daisy-chained conversations? Well, Amazon says it will be rolling out “within months”, and you can bet this will be US first.

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