Alexa can now Drop In on all of your smart speakers

Reminders on all devices also added to Amazon's smart home setup

Alexa can Drop In on all of your speakers
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Amazon has added the ability to Drop In on all of your Echo smart speakers and devices. Previously, you had to state which device you specifically wanted to Drop In on.

The new function is designed to allow group conversations, across your household. Unlike Alexa Announcements, which give you the ability to broadcast to your Amazon Echo devices around the home, Drop In allows for two-way talking.

For example you could say, ‚ÄúAlexa, drop in on all devices‚ÄĚ to begin a Drop In intercom session; handy for conversations with family and roommates for things like asking if anyone wants a coffee or needs anything from the store.

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Drop In is available across the Echo range. It can also be used with Fire Tablets and the Alexa smartphone app. If your contact has an Echo Show or Echo Spot, you can Drop In via video as well.

As well as revamping the Drop In feature, Amazon has also announced that Reminders can also now be broadcast on multiple devices.

Using the Alexa app, simply choose All devices when creating a reminder, or enable the feature for all reminders by going to Settings > Reminders and checking the Announce on all devices box.

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